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  1. glo

    glo Food TL

    2 Sr Hardlines
    2 Softlines
    2 GSTL
    1 CTL
    1 Sr BR
    1 Flow
    1 Sr PPTL
    1 FA TL
    1 VML
  2. Yetive

    Yetive Servant of 2 Masters

    LOL, we don't even have FA :eek:.
  3. It all depends on store volume. At my old store I was only in charge of a small peice of the floor (A volume). At my new store, SFTLs are in charge of either all hardlines or all softlines (C volume).
  4. One of my coworkers transferred in from a huge store in CA. He said they had 6 hardlines TLs, and 4 softlines plus a VML. Not to mention he was 1 out of about 12 TPS's lol.
  5. 1 HLTL
    1 SL SRTL
    1 GS SRTL
    1 PPTL
    1 SBTL
    1 FLOW TL
    1 BRTL
    1 VMTL

    1 LOG ETL
    1 AP ETL
    1 HR ETL
    1 SFGE ETL
  6. We're so little at my store-
    1 Salesfloor TL
    1 GSTL
    1 PPTL
    1 APTL
    1 Backroom/Flow TL

    1 HR-AP ETL
    1 Logistics ETL
    1 Salesfloor-GE ETL
  7. My store:

    1 hr etl
    1 log etl
    1 sf etl

    1 sr gstl
    1 plano srtl
    1 flow srtl
    1 sr tl who lost her original job and just kind of floats around now

    1 salesfloor tl that even possible? That seems shockingly small now that I think about it- surely I'm missing something but I can't think of anyone. I've been told we're a b volume store, but I don't know for sure...we get 3 ~1700 pc trucks a week (although we're taking 4 1600-2100 trucks in Q4)
  8. No food ave or sbux? You probably misheard (or the person telling you misheard the one telling them) 'D' as a 'B.'
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  9. We have a food Ave and Starbucks, but I've never heard anyone being referred to as a TL over there- as far as I know they're all just regular TMs
  10. SFSFun

    SFSFun Ship from Store: Don't call it Ship To Store!!

    You have an SBTL and an FATL?? Get outta here with your fancy extra TLs!

    That sounds like C or D. We're a B volume and taking 7-8 trucks a week for Q4 (normally 5).
  11. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    Sounds like a super Target
  12. It was general merchandise plus Pfresh plus a lot more because it was LA25, but not technically a super.
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  13. CoquiAzul

    CoquiAzul Sr. Team Leader

    We have a FATL too.
  14. SFSFun

    SFSFun Ship from Store: Don't call it Ship To Store!!

    Yeah but your store has a million TLs and ETLs. @SrTLall was implying his store doesn't have many.
  15. All our vmtl does is help out softlines... I was told she was supposed to help instocks with ptms.. She "helped" me once by telling me where she wants everything to go then went back to folding tables in softlines. The most she ever does is change the mannequins when needed. She's an overpaid softlines tl.
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  16. CoquiAzul

    CoquiAzul Sr. Team Leader

    Lol that's true.
  17. RunForACallBox

    RunForACallBox Sales Floor TL - Consumables/Hardlines

    Just got signed off as Hardlines TL! Nervous but excited for the challenge!
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  18. Congrats!
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  19. HardlinesGuy

    HardlinesGuy AP Team Leader

    Since all the cool kids are doing it...

    2 Hardlines TL's
    1 Softlines TL
    1 VML
    1 Comsumables TL (I think actually another Hardlines TL but they spend 80% of their time working P-Fresh/Market)
    1 Sr. Plano/Pricing TL
    1 Sr. Logistics TL
    1 Flow TL
    2 GSTL's
    (No SBX and the GSTL handles FA)

  20. Our store has...

    2 SR. GSTL
    1 SR. Sales floor TL
    2 Salesfloor TL - one is over softlines and the other Market/HL
    1 PPTL
    1 Flow TL
    1 BR TL
    1 Starbucks TL
    1 VML

    ETL- AP
    ETL- Log