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Salesfloor Team Lead

Discussion in 'Leadership' started by Dmj958, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Dmj958

    Dmj958 Salesfloor TL

    Does anybody know what the role of a salesfloor team lead should be? I'm curious if anybody is or has been one and what it is you've done.
  2. Being a tl for both hardlines & softlines.
  3. smashandthrash

    smashandthrash Former store LOG and Inbound/Receiving DC TM

    Hardlinesmaster is correct. A rare combo in my area.
  4. We had a SRTL in this role. We have 2 hardlines, 1 softlines, and a VMTL and she pretty much oversaw them all. Also stepped in to help plano cause our PPTL was on loa for a while.
  5. theanimal

    theanimal Hardlines Team Lead

    We have 3 sales floor TLs. One that watches over seasonal/domestics. One covers toys and electronics. The last one has the rest such as HBA and stationary. Then we have 2 soft lines TLs + VML and 2 TLs for food.
  6. At my Store it is to say "Just so you know, <Insert Problem Here>"

    I am convinced that whoever gets to say this the most in a single day wins something...

    It for some reason is never "Just so you know, <Insert Solved Problem>"
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  7. WalmartDrone

    WalmartDrone Ex-PA (Wally CSM)

    We only have one salesfloor tl. He is over everything salesfloor and he is a Sr.TL. He covers HL,SL,Electronics and Market.
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  8. Spitfire

    Spitfire ETL-SF

    It's a lot of managing execution to meet short and long term goals: figuring out what needs to be done, creating plans, partnering with the right people, putting a team in place and following up.

    Short term stuff would be running the floor on a daily basis (figuring out how to shuffle resources in order to accomplish all your goals in the ever-changing daily landscape of a store) or getting all your sales planners done on time. Long term stuff would be fixing broken processes, holding team members accountable, team member development, planning and executing PTM/transitions/roll-outs, creating/implementing/strengthening routines to address opportunities and maintaining relationships with your team, peers and leaders.
  9. You will be responsible for many things like the development of the team and ensuring whatever department you are assigned is running profitably. This could mean anything from sales planners, taking care of PTM, Endcaps, Label Maintenance, Etc...On your assigned closing day you will be responsible for running the hardliners/soft lines process and team to ensure a good closing and it will not be as task oriented as an opening shift where you are in your department.

    SASSYJJ Hardcore Hardlines TL

    At my store we have 1 softlines, 1 hardlines(me), 1 vmtl, and 1 pfresh. My main focus is Salesplanners and making sure my electronics team does TNT. My DPOs do the truck, zone, and reshop. My hardlines team closes every night and me and my morning team member do salesplanners.
  11. Yep that is what I do, except I am not a senior. They are looking for a VMTL, as our softlines area looks crapy, but so far they are not having any luck. We are a small store and don't have room for everything they send us and also don't get the payroll to maintain our brand.
  12. My store is only supposed to have one salesfloor TL, but we have two. SL & HL are so different, so we have a TL for each.
  13. FoldingPro

    FoldingPro Softlines Team Lead

    This thread makes my store feel huge. We have four hardlines TLs and 2 softlines TLs, with a total of 18 TLs in total.
  14. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    3 hl tl
    2 sl tl
    signing tl
    price tl
    plano tl
    starbucks tl
    2 gstl
    1 srtl
    2 flow tl
    2 backroom tl
    1 instocks tl
  15. FoldingPro

    FoldingPro Softlines Team Lead

    I got scared for a second thinking you were from my store because this was scarily close to my exact breakdown.
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  16. We have:
    2 gstl
    1 fatl
    1 ctl
    2 hltl
    1 sltl
    1 vmtl
    1 pricing/plano tl
    1 srtl pricing/plano/salesfloor
    1 srtl backroom
    1 srtl flow
  17. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    Ah yeah we got a CTL too, she sucks though so yeah lol
  18. BackroomAlpha

    BackroomAlpha Did somebody call for backroom?

    There's too many bosses at target holy cow
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  19. My store, mid-volume:

    Hardlines TL: 3
    Hardlines Sr.TL: 1
    Softlines TL: 2
    GSTL: 3
    Plano TL: 1
    Backroom TL: 1
    Flow Sr. TL: 1
    Consumables TL: 1
    VMTL: 1
    Starbucks TL: 1
    PAs: 1 and 1 in training
    TPS: 3
    APS: 1
    GSAs: 3

    I'm surprised some stores have a TL for instocks and signing.
  20. Want to feel larger? We have

    1 SrTL Salesfloor
    1 SrTL Logistics
    1 SrTL P&P
    1 APTL
    1 GSTL
    1 SBuxTL
    1 FATL

    1 ETL HR
    1 ETL Logistics
    1 ETL Salesfloor/GE