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Who does the scheduling for your team? Mine is done by a senior team lead who has scheduled me for ten days running. Is this standard? When I asked, he told me, "Well, I don't look at consecutive weeks, just the week I'm working on. It happens." Does it just happen? Is this something I should bring up with ETL? I'm on day 8 and I 'm sorta tired. By the time I get thru this streak, my day off won't be much fun. ;)

I get the impression that either he is too lazy to look at consecutive weeks or he's pissed about something. What do you think?
Ask your etl or hr about this schedule, if you are a tm. But, you are a tl, it happens alot at my store, due to staffing issues.
Guess I hadn't seen it before. You'd think with five GSTLs and five GSAs, we could figure out some way to avoid 10 day streaks. I'll just deal with it. No sense rocking the boat.
For the front end team at my store, it's one of our GSTLs. Unfortunately, HR or the ETLs can change the schedule. For example, I was supposed to have four photo shifts on the upcoming schedule and only got one. In its place, I got three FR and one price change, when I have requested not to be scheduled either. When I informed my GSTL what happened, she was shocked and had no idea. If this happens again, I'm going to talk to the ETL-HR about it. It gets really tiring hearing people say they don't work in certain areas because they don't want to.

I would talk to him, and see what's up. They say they staff based on needs, but I'm not sure that's fully true. I know one girl I work with was scheduled to close 6 nights in a row, 1:30-10. There have been a few instances where a Sr. TL will change her schedule so that she's working 1:30-10 with only a few hours notice. If he's not willing to change it, talk to your ETL-HR or the ETL of your area (HL, etc.). They claim to want you to have a work/life balance, but that doesn't always happen. :(
We either have an ETL or HR doing schedules. Our ETL never schedules us for more than 5 days in a row. Though currently we are lucky if we even get three in a row. On the sixth day you *HAVE* to take a day off by law (varies by state).
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