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Seasonal Hires

Discussion in 'General Target Chat' started by Leo47, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. marxlish

    marxlish Guest

    Had a seasonal walk out after she found out she wasn't getting rehired.
    I'm sad she's being let go, because she was pretty competent but it was frustrating. One of my other cashiers stayed late to help make up for her.
  2. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    Dumb on her part, now shes unrehireable. Finish your shift and reapply when people inevitably quit in the spring.
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  3. calimero

    calimero Team Member

    At my store , even if you call out to go to a party and posted on Facebook , and have limited availability , you are being kept , that only works if you are related to someone higher up ...
    Feel bad for the seasonals who really busted their asses and showed up to cover shifts .. and stayed late ...
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  4. Logo

    Logo Team Member

    Seems like we guarantee some of our more seasoned TM all these hours when we could be using some of those hours for some of the more productive seasonal TM. For example members of pricing that don't respond to back up calls EVER! Dont even answer call boxes when standing next to one! Everyone is busy, everyone's work is important to them so lend a hand. I'm also of the belief of more hands smaller shifts. Relying one person or a 2 person team is crazy!
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  5. Stubio

    Stubio Senior Executive Cart Attendant Team Leader

    I've noticed at my store that a lot more have either quit or got fired so seasonals should have a way higher chance of being kept compared to last year.
  6. Flabbergasted

    Flabbergasted Ex-GSA

    Hey guys I know this is an old thread but it's getting to be that time of year again! I haven't worked for Spot in 2+ years now but am considering coming back as seasonal this year as I now have a Monday-Friday 9-5 job meaning my nights and weekends are free. I could really use the extra income for the holidays! Has anyone heard anything about a hiring event this year for seasonals?
  7. OP

    Leo47 Team Leader

    Im excited for the seasonals, I love when we get new people and I train them I love knowing that I actually know more than someone for once lmaooo
  8. Anelmi

    Anelmi Team Trainer

    It must vary by store bc mine is in 2 weeks but HRZone said his was in the middle of October so....check your local stores? We have flyers about it at every checklane.
  9. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    My understanding the one in two weeks is for regular talent and the one in October is for seasonal. We were told we can't start hiring until October 2nd seasonal for region 200
  10. qmosqueen

    qmosqueen Perishable Assistant Wizard

    Seasonal hires ha
    I bet we get less than last year
  11. Him

    Him Team Trainer

    @Flabbergasted you are correct in it is seasonal time for hiring. I can't speak for what particular store you worked for but at my current store and previous stores I am aware they have plenty of openings. Check with either your old store or try your hand at a new store if you prefer.
  12. Yetive

    Yetive Servant of 2 Masters

    Oct 2 in my region too. Go in right around then. If there is anyone still there from before, try to connect with them too. We always ask around about rehires.
  13. Anelmi

    Anelmi Team Trainer

    "Regular talent"....I feel the "talent" part has been woefully missing at my store lately.
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  14. Yetive

    Yetive Servant of 2 Masters

  15. Frontlanegirl

    Frontlanegirl Team Trainer

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  16. TTGOz

    TTGOz Team Leader

    My store is hiring 55 seasonal cashier positions, 30 SEASONAL FULLFILLMENT POSITIONS(what!!), about 7 per food area(frozen/dairy, grocery, produce, food ave etc) a Soft lines team lead, my GSTL is leaving so that will probably make it up on the Positions Available sheet, and a bunch of other various positions hiring for one or two regular TMs and a few seasonal.

    I'm eagerly awaiting an electronics one to open up so we will see, may ask about it next time I work.
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  17. qmosqueen

    qmosqueen Perishable Assistant Wizard

    so we are hiring 100,000 team members, but i bet only 10,000 apply and out of that 10,000 ... 5,000 quit after 1 week.

    so we will get about 2 new TMs per store sounds about right to me.
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  18. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    Yeah we are hiring 70 and we are a b volume
  19. Nokiddiegloves

    Nokiddiegloves Team Leader

    If this year is exactly last year, we will hire a bunch of flow people and cashiers then barely any sales floor. A few will annoy the crap out of our ETL-Log because they will want to be hired permanently. The cashiers will call guests "Customers" literally every sentence. Im ready lol
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  20. Noiinteam

    Noiinteam Team Leader

    My store is having a hiring event on or around October 15th.
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