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Discussion in 'Distribution Centers' started by dcguy86, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. dcguy86

    dcguy86 Member

    So I was hired as a seasonal back in June. I was wondering how common it was for seasonals to be hired on and not used. I.E. ever since being hired in June spot has only had me show up twice. I have been off since before the MLB all star break best time marker I can use. Is there any time frame that I could expect seasonal work to pick back up again?
  2. Kezz

    Kezz Member

    Which department are you in? Supposedly packing is very light right across the network now so that could be why. You could try to talk to HR and see if you could transfer over to another busier department. At our DC the packing temps havent hardly had to work in the last month where other departments are very busy. As far as picking up in work, that won't be until September depending on department.
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  3. Yeah, it's the same here. Flexing packers by the droves, while everywhere else is going hardcore on the OT. I presume it's due to the UDC's going live.
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  4. dcguy86

    dcguy86 Member

    @Kezz Im following up with my OM this week about cross training me. I asked the last time I worked and they said theyd get with me next week but never did as I had been flexed out since then HR said they had nothing to do with it.

    My only question is how does this effect my learning period. Granted Ive been a packer since last December as a temp, but apprentice I had to go through the learning period too
  5. trowa03

    trowa03 Booze Barron

    Keep on asking about it and letting them know your interested. They are going to need bodies for the fall season so I would assume you would at least get a shot at something else by then.
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  6. dcguy86

    dcguy86 Member

    Got ahold of my OM and they said to get back with them on Thursday and I would know more about whats happening going forward.
  7. Kezz

    Kezz Member

    Make sure you follow up with them tomorrow then. GL's are notorious for not giving a damn about us unless you push them on it. Keep asking and if they don't give an answer, don't be afraid to go to your SGL.
  8. dcguy86

    dcguy86 Member

    Wanted to provide an update since you all have been wonderful enough to help me out and provide me advice. I got a hold of my OM and they said that they didnt get to talk to there boss because they had corporate there. Told me they would follow up with me the next day and never did. My intention was to follow up Tuesday but was not feeling well enough to get out of bed. Called last night the OM wasnt there, and then got ahold of the midshift OM who said it didnt seem like seasonals were coming back anytime soon, I intend to follow up later tonight, but this is now to a point where I dont know if I should call and report this to the IH because I feel extremely mislead by what I was told in my interview which was

    Up to 175 days of work
    My shift
    Pay Rate

    Nothing about this kind of schedule or at least this long of wait was ever mentioned in June when I interviewed. I would try HR again, but there just gonna put me back in touch with the OM
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  9. Hardlinesmaster

    Hardlinesmaster Well-Known Member

    You might want to get a 2nd job?
  10. dcguy86

    dcguy86 Member

    I just did yesterday