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Jul 29, 2012
Just got hired as a sales associate and I have orientation on Wednesday.
I was wondering if they are really strict on shoes, I know not to go to work in flip flops or heals but was wondering if my flats would be ok.
LOL before anyone says anything about that just know that I have some nice in-souls in them so they are very comfortable.

help please :)
Just make sure you wear socks! i wear flats all the time but you have to wear some sort of sock.. I wear those weird no show nylon ones.

Also, Welcome! =)
Wear whatever you are going to be comfortable standing up in for 6-8 hours, just no open toes.
Personally I see woman wearing heels or flats and I cringe because it just seems like you wouldn't be able to walk by the end of the day.
Your heels and toes must be covered for your safety. Other than that, like commiecorvus said, wear shoes in which you can walk and stand comfortably for a long period of time.
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