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I'm guessing that vBulletin isn't going to look like the old layout no matter how you tweak it. It has it's good points too, just have to get used to it. I spent years on v so it's not a problem for me. Give it a chance.
We're looking into other designs, but this is one whole version newer then the old forum and that design will not work with the new forum and all of the new features..! Don't worry we're workin on it :)
I am also on another forum with a vBulletin. It changed a lot of things. And that site also got Facebook log in integration.
It's looking better & better & I'm gettin' the hang of it.
Nice work, Scram & Formina! :so_happy:
Looks good. It's funny everyday I come to this site the layout changes.

Sorry, hopefully it's done. There might be one more change I do to the main forum page but that will be it, for now, I swear B)
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