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I know that if TLs stepdown from a TL position they have to switch stores...

Does the same apply to GSA?

Yea you can step down, there aren't any rules about it... at least none that I know of. Although, if you are looking to move up to TL some day stepping down wouldn't look to good, but, if your just here for the check and don't want/care about advancement I would take the .50 cut and do away with all the stress!
I think it depends on your stl. Ours won't allow a step down from any position unless you transfer..
Pay cut for sure. Imz, I know you can do the job! You have good leadership! Don't do the step down.
Nah, .50 isn't worth all the stress. Not planning on advancing to TL or anything anyways. This job is just a paycheck until I move onto a career in IT.

Thanks for the words of encouragement though HLM, much appreciated :]
Nah, .50 isn't worth all the stress.
I'm totally with you on there. I was trying to transfer stores and they said they has to many GSA's and I was like, CASHIER then, Please... LOL

It's aging me. I've only been a GSA since August and I'm dying, lol.
Everyone is telling me I am doing amazing but... ugh....
If you finding yourself doing everything a GSTL does except interviews, disciplinary actions, business walks/statuses, then yeh, I could see it becoming a grind & not worth the .50 bump. I've known several who have gotten burned out at that level.
If, however, you hope to advance to TL this is a small step in that direction because you have an opportunity to demonstrate leadership traits in a role that isn't really a leadership position.
Some would argue that spot is using GSAs as GSTLs on the cheap, as a carrot on a stick.
I would consider that a very valid argument.
Because GSA isn't a TL position, you shouldn't have to move to another store if you step down. Mainly because it's a tiny step.
I'm totally with you on there. I was trying to transfer stores and they said they has to many GSA's and I was like, CASHIER then, Please... LOL

It's aging me. I've only been a GSA since August and I'm dying, lol.
Everyone is telling me I am doing amazing but... ugh....

Yeah I think we got promoted about the same time lol.

They honestly need to move GSA up to N09 paygrade to make it even remotely worthwhile.

@Redeye, pretty much I do everything the GSTLs are doing minus the TL stuff. Even when my hours are under cashiering, the GSTL will always just tell me to take over so they can go do "TL stuff", then we're short 1 cashier.
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Imz, being honest with yourself is a strength. Talk to your tl or etl-ge without delay on your decision. Tell them the truth. Thank them for the opp. Sometimes it is better to support your leader, than be a leader of a team. But, you have learn that more $ & title may have no real glory in the end. Good luck!
No offense, red & asadvertised.

We are here to support you. Keep us up to date, please.
I feel like the argument "I am doing everything the GSTL is doing minus the leadership stuff" pretty annoying... I know Backroom TMs that do everything the BRTL does minus the TL stuff, Salesfloor TMs that do everything a SFTL does minus the TL stuff... and then someone who GSAs is given 50 cents more and it doesn't land home that every workcenter has TMs in the same boat (but usually no raise!)... In all reality, GSAs don't have it that bad with getting change and speed weaving... Its when the ETLs push them into a role more than that is when it gets stressful, but if you are trying to promote then its up to you to be resilient and adaptable for the team... and if you don't want to promote then just move on because I guarantee there are other TMs in the store who are looking to promote and just need a position that they can use to show the E's of Excellence in... GSA being one of them!
Not many here who want the spot.

I found out today that I might have to xfer, but they're not sure and are going to check the hr guidelines.. can anyone give me a definitive answer? :(
We're losing 2 GSAs, a store near us lost a GSTL & GSA (they quit T altogether).
Neither of our GSAs has to transfer but it may depend on the store since ours are moving to understaffed areas.

Target Annie, we need you!
ok apparently i won't have to transfer most likely, or at least this what i was just told. :D
Not true, our Flow TL stepped down to became a regular Flow TM, and stayed at the same store.

One of our hardlines TLs requested a demotion but is still at our store. She was working in softlines for a little while, but now she does overnight signing.
I was a GSA at my store for about a year and a half—I think that’s like 75 in “GSA years” . I left the role for a different department a little over a year ago. There was never any suggestion that I'd need to transfer to change roles. I ended up hating the other area and have gradually worked my way back to the frontend as its the only area of the store I actually like (I know--I'm insane). It was a little awkward for a while because having done it for so long I could work circles around our teamleads and most of the GSAs we've had since then (still can for that matter) and most of the cashiers would turn to me for support if I was available over whoever was scheduled. I've tried to discourage that though cause I know I wouldn't appreciate anyone stepping on my toes that way. Between that and staff turnover the awkwardness is mostly gone. I don't regret walking away from the position at all anymore, but I did at first because it was hard to watch other people take on the role and then suck at it. If you are not looking to advance at Target don't bother with that role. It takes far more out of you than you'll ever gain from it.
Decided not to step down.. going to wait til january and re evaluate. Thanks e1
Wow, Suzy!
Imz, you will be ok. Your leadership believes in you. Stick with it for now.

Hmmm--I'm not sure which part of what I said generated the "Wow". I'm a pretty opinionated person but I try not to be too harsh with it.

Imerzan, I do think it's best for you to wait a bit. It's unlikely your store will let you move this close to the holidays anyway, and you never know, you might change your mind.
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