Archived Target coping with no plastic bags law

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Jun 11, 2011
I was wondering how are those Targets, that are restricted from using plastic bags, coping with the new law?
The Guests got pissy for a while because they wanted the plastic bags but overall they've adapted. Bag refilling is more important than ever though because of how fast you can go through your reserves in a week alone. I like the paper bags, they're sturdy, way easy to reuse or recycle and you can totally tell a guest to bugger off because of their pricing if they try and whine for more.

Edit - A sister store nearby is testing different sizes of paper bags. It's pretty neat.
They're entertaining the notion in these parts.
We already have a fairly high rate of resuable bag users (~40%).
It also helps that a couple of chains have eliminated plastic bags & several others offer a nickle off ea reusable bag you fill.
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