Target Inspected

A failing grade does not surprise me,when I am shopping at my store I check the prices for most items at the scanner before I head to the register,and I generally find mistakes,we tend to overschedule when there is not a lot of work for price change and have only one when the workload is heavy,another one of those Target mysteries.


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Funny how they only showed the stuff that rang up higher. There is an equal amount that ring lower. Pretty typical the sky is falling story.
It's not even that, this is nonsense of the highest order and frankly disturbing that a professional news entity would do it this way rather than the professional way.

Statistically speaking, most of the stores did a great job because when they purchased more than 300 items, the major of them fell within a few percentage points. When you have 50k items on the sales floor and people only come in and purchase 50 items and judge your accuracy based on that, you are screwed because human error demands at least a 2% error rate. It also only compared the over charges rather than do a complete comparison because that would have taken, you know, time.

It's the same with the debate over social security, everybody is assuming everybody is going to live to 80 years old and going crazy over the numbers when only a tiny percentage of the population will even get close to there. Statistical outliers are outliers for a reason, they shouldn't be used in any judgement.