Target shirts

our store ordered some nice polos, with our town name and store number on them, they look really nice. Had a bunch of em. Then one day they were just gone and i never saw anyone wearing them. Now everyone just wears whatever shade of red they can find
Got one of those but leadership wouldn't let me wear it to work, only volunteer events :(
well that doesn't make sense to me, I have seen so many team members wear the volunteer shirt that says "You couldn't pay me to do this"

I thought if you could wear that to work, you could wear any of them - kind of an ad for Target volunteerism.


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A couple years ago, there was a statement said that Corp didn't want any large graphic Target volunteer event shirts on the salesfloor anymore. They had to be small simple graphics.

Then again my store started making the Salesfloor/Cashiers wear only Polo shirts. CA and FA could wear T-Shirts.
I've gotten a couple of actual target shirts and hoodies at goodwill. LOVE IT! I've also won some from red card games but if i'm buying my own i just get the tshirts at hobby lobby. 4 bucks for a work shirt.. plus they often have them half off.
A few months ago I was shopping in a Target close to home, and got checked out by a nice girl back in electronics. She was wearing a red shirt but it had a HUGE Old Navy logo plastered across it. I got a good laugh out of this :)
I almost never wear a red shirt at HQ. However, I do have a red polo to wear when we go on store visits ($10 Merona) and I have a couple of volunteer shirts (only one of which is red).


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We had a cart attendent who wore a shirt with another companies logo, old navy I think.

For some reason everybody there freaked out about it because of the logo. The guy was panicking because the GSTL was talking about sending him home because of it.

I suggested he just put his name tag over the logo and get back to work.


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I wear either a red shirt or a red flannel. I'm a cart attendant though and it gets cold at night, especially since we stay open til midnight now