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Oct 23, 2011
Does anyone know if I want to contribute more to retirement (More than the 5% deduction/5% company match), whether I should dump a greater percentage of my paycheck into the target system, or use an outside agency? My main concern is fees and what not. I tried searching the forum on this topic, but found nothing. Anyone have any ideas or experience with this?
By outside agency do you mean opening an IRA? That will be a separate account than your 401k but will accomplish what you are looking to achieve. 401k's are by definition employer controlled.

Generally you want to contribute into your 401k up to the company match (so 5% in this case) then contribute to an IRA up to the annual maximum ($5,000) since they will generally have lower fees and a wider selection of investment options. Any leftover money after all of that you would then put towards your 401k (beyond the company match). is a good choice to look into, very low fees. I have my IRA through them and I rolled my Target 401k into a separate IRA there when I left the company.
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