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Mar 30, 2012
Logged into workbench and saw this on the main page. I didn't get a chance to read it :( anybody know what its all about?
It's on the Red 360 and A Bullseye View pages. Basically they're taking product from specialized boutique stores across the country and bringing them to Target for a short period of time.


"Target wrote the book on cheap chic. (Who else but Target could make the likes of Missoni and Jason Wu affordable?) Well, on May 6, a whole new chapter begins with the debut of “The Shops at Target.”

So, what is this, “The Shops at Target” thing? Basically, Target’s teaming up with the owners of five unique, locally loved shops from around the country – a beauty bar in Aspen, a Miami-based luxury fashion boutique, a dog bakery in Boston, a San Francisco candy store and a high-end Home store in Connecticut – to bring their shops to life at Target (and, of course). These first five shops arrive May 6, but there’s more to come in 2012 and beyond.

Can’t wait for May 6? Check out a behind-the-scenes look at The Shops at a recent Target event. Plus, check back right here, at RED360, leading up to the launch of The Shops at Target for more, including a sneak peek at a few of the products."
I'm actually kind of excited to see how much they bring in! This could really generate a lot of traffic!
Yeah i am curious to see. It was pure craziness when we launched missoni and jason wu there were lines out to the parking lot and everything sold out in 15 mins. I also heard that some stores will get an apple store in their electronics dept.
Yeah for the Apple stuff I think the literature I read said they're all in California except for one in Minnesota. :(
Should make things interesting. Missoni was crazy at my store. Jason Wu was kinda a bust I didn't really see a whole lot of traffic on that.
I guess that this is Target's way of taking the "GO INTERNATIONAL" fashions to new heights......maybe they can title it something like "GO NATIONAL" pretty original, don't you think?

The special lines that they've done have been inconsistent. Remember last year all the stuff of St. Barth's (the sea-like & exotic wear throughout the store) was sold out pretty quickly.

The Missoni......well...we all saw that.
Jason Wu was a bust at my store.....lots of people who bought things returned them because of bad fit.

Sure hope that Target is careful with how they launch this stuff and how much product they have. I'm afraid that if they aren't careful our nice Target logo may have a new look....maybe covered in mud?
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