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Mr Quickart

Cart Magician turned GSTL
Jun 15, 2011
Hey everyone, I have only been a GSTL for about 3 months now so this will be my first year writing annual reviews and was wondering if you guys have any tips. As a side note I know that GSTLs have some of the largest teams in the building seeing as I have 27 cashiers. Recently though one of our other GSTLs quit so it is down to two of us meaning I now have to write a little over 50 annuals so I want to get this right!

Thanks for all your help in advance
Holy wow, and I'm freaking out over my 18!!

I recommend writing a bunch of things you can cut and paste into most/all of them. Obviously not all team members are the same, but if you have recurring themes for wins and opportunities at the front end you can definitely include it in every review. For example, you can write a mini-paragraph on the importance of increasing verbal and written recognition, or how you appreciate the routines surrounding restroom check-ups for safety. This can be especially helpful in the "other comments" section on the bottom to communicate what you would like to focus on in the upcoming year, and the role you expect them to play in helping you meet company objectives!

HOWEVER, that being said... if you copy and paste, make sure you're changing the names! Nothing worse than starting off with, "Suzy, you're great at..." when you're delivering Billy's review :blush:
Cut and paste is your friend. There is no way I could do 30 reviews without it. Get some nice paragraphs going and then personalize some sentances for each section as needed depending upon the ratings. I also had a standard ending paragraph with added opportunities and challenges. Most of the average reviews were similar. Flow team like cashiers are challenged on the same things. I know our GSTL cut and pasted her reviews. We had to. We were never given enough time to write any good ones and since the ratings were determined before you even scored the team member it was all a joke. You had to write the review to fit the rating not the other way around as it should be and used to be.
I like those ideas! As much as i'd like to personalize every review there just isn't time and I simply don't know everyone as well as I would like to. Thanks again for the help!
For all who are gstls it is actually best practice for the ETL-GE to help with the reviews. Ours is helping but our veteran gstl was shocked as no GE has ever helped before
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