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Jul 9, 2012
I've been working at target for close to three months. I work in electronics and hardlines. I enjoy working in electronics but my attachment rate is terrible. I sometimes work 8 hour shifts and only manage to get 0-2 attachments. It's pretty embarrassing. My coworkers usually average 8-10 attachments, so I feel pretty terrible when I get none or just one during my shifts. It becomes even more embarrasing when the person who covers my break manages to get more attachments than me in 30 mins.

Am I missing something? I've read a few threads with tips on here, but I already do what they suggest. I have the luck of just selling video games - the only way to get attachments for video games is with a game console. Any electronics TMs? Any tips or suggestions? I'm desperate over here :wacko:
Do you ever sell TVs? Lots of attachments for TVs like HDMI cables, wall mounts, etc. Cameras? SD/Memory Stick, USB cable, protective case. Game consoles? AV cables, extra controllers, remote jackets (for Wii). And don't forget ESPs!
The trick (in my opinion) is being persuasive but not forcing them to attach. Just be friendly and when you do get big ticket items, as general questions:
For a Tv:
Do you need a HDMI cable today?
Would you like to protect your TV with a surge Protecter?
Have you heard of Blu-ray?

For Laptops:
How about a case today?
Do you need an ethernet cable?

Do you need a case today?
How about a nice pair of headphones?
Do you need a car charger or window munt?

Do you have a memory card at home? (IMO, this is the easiest attachment)

etc. etc. etc.

Those are some of the questions I ask. One attachment that goes well with anything and does well in my store? Screen Wipes/Electronic cleaning wipes

Edit: Also what Mr.knownothing said, Extra game controllers, another easy sell
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Really with selling a camera you should be attaching a memory card. Selling a video game console you should be selling a game or two or controller. Especially with the Wii an extra Wii-mote is a must and I have told guests this "it is way more fun with more people and a second wii-mote is great to have" and it works like a charm. Just be persuasive but NOT pushy, guests pick up on this easily.
Just pitch in the fact that you can get better quality with HDMI or DVI or S-Video instead of RCA and coaxial for HDTVs. I used to always ask how they will connect their TV. Either direct to wall outlet, cable box, or DVR. Then always inquire if they are considering mounting their TV on a new flat screen on the wall.

If they are buying a new camera, just tell them they might want to upgrade to a bigger memory card as well. The bigger the MP resolution that a camera has the bigger the file sizes. So you almost always want to get a bigger memory card. Throw in the fact that Target carries the wireless memory cards as well. No need to remove your card or connect your camera to upload. Or try to sell the rechargeable batteries and chargers if its an AA battery camera.

Printers are hard. Because most people have a horde of USB cables now or have gone wireless.
Newer memory cards for cameras are rated by class. If a guest is buying a new camera with hd video capability, they need AT LEAST a class 6 card to record in HD. Most people have an old card which doesn't specify class. This gets them every time.
You need to be proactive and knowledgeable. Know the common things guests will need for each major electronic and offer it to them. If they ask why, make sure you can answer it. Nothing tanks an attachment attempt faster than standing their going "uhhh".
When a guest purchases a iPod, tell them that they should buy a case. They are bound to drop it, and when they do the screen will crack rendering it a paper weight. Then if the guest says okay, try to offer them a car charger.

Since the ears buds that come with the iPod are normally sized badly, you could also mention that SkullCandy or another brand is a hot seller at your store.
Always do some digging and find out what they're doing with the device. If the guest is buying a console, ask if their TV has an HDMI port. Yeah? Oh, hey, do you have an HDMI cable to hook up your xbox to it? If you use composite, you're not getting the full quality. The HDMI cord costs $6 and will bring the full high-def experience to your living room. Do you also have a surge protector? If you're not using one, a lightning S near your house can fry your electronics. We have them for about $5 right over here. If you're still worried about electrical damage, we offer an extended warranty program good for 3 years. If there are any workmanship defects or electrical surge problems, Target's extended warranty covers repairs for up to 3 years after the purchase date.

Blah blah blah. Like that. Always be engaged with the guest. Find out what they're doing, and upsell from there.
So do buns count as an attachment for hot dogs? Ice for a cooler? I could make a killing with attachments if only they'd be a little more lax in the definition, right?
Pens with notebooks? Burgers and fries? Buffalo wings and Imodium? Alcohol and Tylenol? Socks and shoes?
ESPs are a big deal. You know what's an easy one to get if you pitch it the right way? (at least in my experience)

ESPs for games. Take one of the newest releases for example (Madden)

I could throw in a personal anecdote about how I scratched/spills/whatever and ruined my copy of Madden '12 and I wished I could get a new copy. With the ESP you can have that insurance for Madden '13 and it would only be 7 bucks. If you open up a red card that helps offset the cost difference and you can save 5% on every purchase from then on. Don't like credit cards? Target check card.
We were told that anything that could be considered an electronics attachment would count toward the attachment rate as long as any major electronic item was on the same purchase. Knowing that, what helped me was to observe if the guests had any additional electronics items that I could ring up with a lock-up item. We also kept a supply of those generic $1 packs of batteries to try to attach, even if the major electronics item didn't need batteries.

For the 2-year replacement plan, emphasize the word "only," especially if the purchase is right on the upper threshold of a price level. For the tablet and gaming protection plans, emphasize that they cover accidental damages like spills and cracks.

Gift card offers are your worst enemy. I can't tell you how many attachments get lost due to guests separating purchases to use a received gift card to buy an attachment (like the gift card offers for a gaming system, and then they buy the games separately with the gift card). Bundle offers where the items are in the same package also terrible like the Mother's Day camera bundles. That really tanked our attachment rate.

Free item bundle offers that aren't in the same package are great. A lot of the time, the guest doesn't even know about the free items so make sure you are aware of these opportunities.
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Thanks for all the replies!
I honestly never thought about persuading people about getting a controller with their system. I usually try to get them to buy a game, but most people buy the bundle that comes with a game. ESPs are the easiest attachment I get, but I didn't know they covered accidental spills or cracks. I definitely think expanding my knowledge on certain electronics will be helpful, so I will probably do some research today.
Thanks again everyone!
I totally agree with all of the amazing answers here as well! Something that was mentioned above was having a general idea of what is and isn't included with your major attachable items and being able to answer the why do I need this question :) You're gonna do great!
I believe that Electronics area requires a lot of discipline and continuing to expand your knowledge on the area. Having the knowledge and a great guest service your success will be just as good the others in your store.

Best of luck to you in Electronics!
Just a note

the replacement plan (for games) covers spills/cracks/scratches

the service plans I believe do not cover those things, only malfunctions not caused by the owner of the product
Gaming protection covers the console, accessories, and up to 5 games. Covers everything including accidental damage. Tablet/Netbook ESP covers accidental damage as well i believe (almost sold one of those $150 ones the other night! yikes :x)
Oh hey, this is something I'm knowledgeable about. I raised our AAR from 45% to 57% single-handey in a month (or at least that's what my ETL said). So, I think I'm qualified to give you some tips. And, not to worry you, but if your AAR doesn't increase, you will be moved from electronics. I've seen it happen and I've heard about it happening tons of times in my store. Maybe your store is different. Hopefully it's different.

The best way to get attachments is to ask. You can't wait on the guest to say they need something else because the chances of them realizing they need an attachment with their item on their own is slim. The best way to ask is to just smile and say "is there anything else you need with your ____? How about a _____ or a ________?" Works like a charm. Especially if you're a "cute young thing" as I've been called a time or two.

Real sale I had yesterday morning:
Me: "Can I help you find something?"
G: "Yeah, I'm interested in a 3DsXL, can you show me where those are?"
Me:"Yeah, just follow me!" "Currently our 3DsXL is $199.99, because it's brand new--it's the newest DS, it actually came out a few weeks ago--so it's a wanted item."
G: "Oh, I know that, you're the 3rd store in the area I've tried, and I'm glad you actually have some in red."
Me: "Lots of people are going out of town for Labor Day, I guess they're trying to get the kids something to entertain them for the car ride.
G: "That's what I'm trying to get one for. Do all the DS games work on them?"
Me: "Yep! But they all won't be in 3D, only ones that are specifically made for the 3Ds will be in 3D."
G: "Well hell, here I was going to buy you out of games. Go ahead and get two out, one in each color."
Me: "You're going out of town for the holiday, right? You might want to invest in a car charger."
G: "I never thought of that. Also, can I get that new Super Mario Bros game, and the new Kingdom Hearts game?"
Me: "Good choices! Also, since both of your games are over $34.99, this week we have an offer, where if you reserve a game for a dollar, you get a 10 dollar gift card. You spend 2 extra to get 18."
G: "Well hell! I'll get this one and this one. You can't beat that."
Me: "Nope, you simply can't. Might I suggest a replacement plan for the 3DSs? This is the one you'd get if you intend to purchase, it covers everything in the box, and up to five games. "
G: *ponders for a bit* Yeah, I think I'll do that.

And, that's how it usually goes. 2 3DsXLs with 2 attachments (4, if you count the reservation cards) and 2 esps.

The hardest thing you're going to have trouble getting attachments with are GPSs. They come with mounts and most come with unlimited map updates, so there's no need for a subscription. The easiest are gaming consoles because, unless they are just replacing an old one, they're going to want to get games. Or an extra controller. Or headset. Games count with laptops, too.

If they're buying an iPod, be frank and tell them that they're slippery and they drop a lot. Also tell them the headphones suck.
For TVs, let them know the speakers suck and it's best to invest in a sound bar. Buying a prepaid phone? You'd be a fool to not get a phone card.

It's all about knowing the product your selling and know what attachments you have in stock for that item.

Good luck!
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