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May 22, 2014
Hey guys, so I've got orientation for a TPS position soon and I was wondering...

  1. How soon do they get you in a uniform?
  2. Do they usually have the right size? And if not, can you get things hemmed / fitted?
  3. What should I expect from a TPS orientation?
  4. What kind of shoes, belt, flashlight, handcuffs do they provide?
  5. Does Target have close ties with other local LP teams? If not, would they welcome the idea?
  6. Do TPS's get a chance to go around and meet team members -- how does that work?

Thanks for all the input!
Mar 26, 2014
1. Once they order it, it should take about a week to get in.
2. You need to know your sizes, if it doesnt fit right. You can get it hemmed. Don't worry Target pays for it
3. TPS orientiation is a lot of computer training at first. You will get NVI training soon after orientation.
4. You will get slip-free shoes, a regular belt, flashlight. You can't wear handcuffs till your NVI certified.
5. Usallly you will have the chance to share information with other local stores. And yes ideas are always welcome.
6. You will being doing your store walks all the time, and standing up front at the door. During that time you can talk to other team members. You will most likely be called on the walkie to respsond to many different issues.

You can't actually make a sole stop on your own. But after 3 months if you're are doing a good job, and it meets bussiness needs they will promate to you to Sr. Tps than you can make solo stops.
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