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Jun 9, 2011
Last night was a real nightmare. It was after close & the other TMs had left. I had clocked out & was waiting for my SrTL to arm the building so we could leave together. The alarm wouldn’t arm.
We went through checking the perimeter to find an explanation as to why it wouldn’t arm. SrTL tried to contact ETLs & STL but they’d had a leadship dinner earlier & he couldn’t get an answer so he contacted Alert One. They said they’d contact leadership & to call back if he didn’t hear back from them. No answer, so Alert One attempted the regional AP but didn’t get a response from him, either.
After going through the ETL list, my SrTL finally got hold of the ETL-AP who offered several suggestions, none of which worked. It was 2am before another ETL (who picked up some text traffic) came in & released us by covering the store until the 4am team arrived. I was told to do a punch correction for the time spent there & ended up chopping a couple hrs off my start time. When I came in later, the system was fixed but I never heard what the cause was.
Interesting. I know in my store the roof hatch has sometimes been problematic due to moisture issues, so it wouldn't always let the system arm because it was still tripped...
Redeye, if it happens again, have your SrTL just call the alarm center, they will be able to tell you exactly where the problem is
That was what ETL-AP suggested but when he called, they told him it was a "compactor-related alarm" (?!) but he couldn't find anything that would prevent setting the alarm. Either way, they said it's fixed.
Based on info, at least there was an etl in the building after the srtl left, I think that bp would cover that etl would be good enough til 4 am shift came in & alert one was aware of it of that fact.
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