upgrading EHR

Went to log into EHR to see how much im getting paid this week, and the website is down (and it was last night at work too, when I tried to do a punch correction).

Maybe they're going to be able to support other browsers! That's all I am asking for.
I think the upgrade was supposed to be completed today (of course it always takes an extra day due to "unforseen" glitches) but there was a link on the downtime page to Max self service so you could get to it
eHR? Yeah, AND HR Zone and MAX Time and Labor. Ugh. I hate it when that happens.

The website said it would be down all day tomorrow (wednesday), too. Yay surprise paychecks!
The only upgrade I care about is making eHR Mac and Safari compatible. Also, viewing schedules from home would be nice, but I know I am throwing a bone with that one.


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All I want is to be able to view my schedule from home, don't need to change stuff, just a read only page of my schedule.

Also, let it work with Firefox.
But it's probably just optimization stuff.

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I just went to see if they are done and they are. The changes are very subtle, paycheck looks a little different and the home page seems less cluttered. I give it a "meh".
When MAX self service came out the instruction flip chart showed which activities were supposed to be completed on the clock. IIRC time off / vacations is one of them.

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eHR activities like viewing your pay stub, changing direct deposit info, and looking at Team Member perks and discounts are allowed off the clock, hence the reason those parts of eHR are accessible at home.


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Being able to read your schedule should be considered off the clock. I mean, I can walk in on my day off and look at it either on the board or on the computer.

All I want is to be able to see my schedule online.