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Oct 11, 2011
Well this happened to me today, when my LOD told me he wanted to talk to me for a moment, I thought for sure it was something I was going to get coached over. But turns out he wanted to have a walking chat. I was told this was a one on one conversation for those who do not attend the group chats/breakout sessions. So he did the whole questionnaire of: "how would you rate the overall morale of your department/store", "when was the last time you were recognized", etc..... So when he asked me if I had any suggestions to make the stockroom better, and my first thought that popped up were the old rickedy ladders that we still use. I told him that they tend to shift a little, and some of them are just really hard to get out of the aisle and maybe we could get some new ones. I thought he would say something that would just brush off my suggestion, but he said "actually with our remodel happening soon, we will be getting those ladders that are like the ones they use in bookstores and libraries ". Not to sound like a nerd, but that is a good thing to hear, will make moving through the aisle a lot smoother and you don't have to waste time and pull the ladders out.
The new ladders are great, you will love them. Wish my ETLs would check in with me once in a while. It doesn't seem to happen in my store..... Well you know it does but they like to either walk with the tm they like to chat with or walk with the agreeable tm who won't complain or make any valid points who they can escape from the fastest and not have to follow up with. :dash1: but the ladders you really will love!
When I was working in toys in December, I was helping the TL pull some toys from the backroom and I had to use both types of ladders. I found that the "library ladder" was much easier to use than the regular one.
yeah they did walking chats at our store where they approach a busy tm, lead them with a loaded question, although the question doesn't actually address anything of concern, and then they post results up by tsc for that months chat sessions. Saves them some payroll but I think they are a joke, moreso than actual chat sessions.
Call me the chatless wonder (ie: I wonder what they're chatting about now). I was the one they always avoided inviting to chats or chatting with but you'll LOVE the library ladders. Wheeeeeeee! *slides down the aisle*
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