Archived We closed with 6 people tonight .... URGHHH !!

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Feb 1, 2012
We are over on payroll so they have been cutting shifts wherever possible but this is jut ridiculous... tonight we closed with 6 people total including the one LOD. There was him, the electronics TL, one GSA, one cashier and two of us on sales floor.

The Hr guy left at 9 so helped a bit before he left but it was just insane.... How do they expect us to zone an entire store with a team this small. There was one call in too, but even still 7 is crazy. On an average weeknight there are normally at least 10-12 people. We were told do the best you can, and do zero reshop... so when we left there were 2 z racks, and about 12 carts .... so glad im not in tomorrow!!!

They called me to cut tomorrow nights shift from me too, and it looks like there will be only 8 or 9 people in tomorrow, thats if nobody calls out but on fridays we normally have at least 2 outs. We are up by about $15k for the month in sales, but apparently wayyyyy over on payroll so they are cutting as much as possible.

That being said they are still going ahead with all my training and the next few weeks right now im scheduled 48 and 49 hours haha, which shall drop to 40 im guessing in due time :p

Crazy. Crazy.Crazy.
idk try not to let it get to you, don't feel obligated make sure everything gets done that would get done with a proper staff. That's what I do when we're like 5 people short on flow, and our teamleader is still pressing us to get done at the same time. I try to laugh it off and work a little slower, gotta realize they need you even more since they have less people.
Tomorrow night I'm closing with 2 cashiers, guest service, and a cart attendant. A normal friday has 4 closing cashiers minimum and 2 cart attendants.
We had 6 closers total for hl & sl, LOD, 2 cashiers, gs & GSA, to close on Sunday night. They left 1 z rack & 8 carts of reshop. Zone wasn't greatest expect the area the LOD zoned.
The sad part was per GSA, they weren't that busy after 7pm.
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That's nothing. During the week my store is no stranger to closing with 3 (hardlines) team members, one LOD and one TL.
i usually close with 2-3 cashiers, but we have quite a few people til 9-10 so we get a lot done by then.

The sad part was per GSA, they weren't that busy after 7pm.
Hopefully they spent that time cleaning up the front end, zone, and filling bags for the morning.
Eh. That's doable if you're not a super target and have a team of quick super zoners. If the SFTMs would grab the damn abandons after the last 5pm batch instead of waiting till close, I'd be out at 10 after, not 45 after. Grr
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