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Apr 13, 2012
ok, so this morning i came in at 4am to pull autofills and push them to the floor, that all went smoothly. when i was about to end my shift, i had to look for my TL because i had borrowed his equipment keys, when i found him he was helping a guest near electronics, as i was approached him another TM came up to me and asked me if i knew how to put on screen protectors for iDevices, i told him yea and knew the concept, so he had me come to the boat to help a guest who was having a problem putting it on his iDevice.

now i didn't know this but we can't help them with stuff like this because we are liable for their own equippment, so me and this TM tried putting it on but it wasn't working, due to the fact that by the time i got there, the guest had purchased it and tried putting it on right there and then and ended up screwing it up because he had got his fingerprints and a bunch of lint underneath it. by this time my TL told me to just clock out, and this is when he told us that we aren't aloud to do that stuff for guests. so i clock out but out of curiosity i went back over to the electronics boat and the guest was gone, but i here over that TMs walkie that the screen protector was un returnable and we can't do stuff for them like that. i asked if he was able to fix it and he said that he wasn't. i ran into my TL on the sales floor and i asked him if i would get in trouble for this sort of thing, he said that i might but if they ask what happened to just say that i didn't know.

so what do you guys think? have any of you ever been in this situation? i really don't want to get in trouble over something stupid that i didn't know about. and the reason why i don't know is because I'm not a sales floor team member, i work strictly logistics and wasn't trained to know this sort of thing.
Dont do it. It will bite you back. Since it was done, defect it out & do an even exchange.
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the thing is I'm not trained for using the cash register, it was another TM who rung it up and helped the guest first, he just brought me along to see if i could help with it, but i didn't know i couldn't at the time
As HLM says, it was an error on our part. The screen saver should be exchanged, the one defected out & guest should enlist the help of a pro to install the new one.
TMs should NEVER attempt to install anything on guest electronics because of the liability potential.
Never let yourself get suckered into something like that.
Wanting to help out is a standard instinct in all of us but it can only lead to tears in a situation like that.
TMs should NEVER attempt to install anything on guest electronics because of the liability potential.

We're not even allowed to hold guests' phones when scanning mobile coupons/gift cards at the registers.
As I always heard it from my ETLs, we do not offer any technical support to guests. TMs do not program or upload minutes to phones, do not repair any type of equipment, or provide any service other than customer service and sales. TMs cannot even help jump a dead battery for a guest's car. If something breaks or is damaged, the store can be held liable for the item. And you can be written up or terminated for it.

But your store should have done a defective exchange, but you and the other TM should not have assisted in installing the protective screen.
I can't tell you the amount of prepaid phones I've programmed for little old ladies that didn't have a clue.

I think this is a line you need to draw yourself. I worked electronics for 5 years and knew the ins and outs of every product I sold. Would I put someones screen guard on? No, because its not hard and anyone with thumbs should be able to. Would I help the elderly person navigate through annoying phone menus to activate their phone when I had down time? Absolutely.

I kept and built a group of regulars at my store because I was willing to go above and beyond to provide great guest service. The amount of compliment cards they sent to corporate and my stl helped me land my GSTL position I have now. Be smart, use common sense.
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