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I have went on a total of seven interviews for other retailers in the past month or so, and have gotten no callbacks/offers. I have six years of experience at Target and have worked cashier, cart attendant, guest service, photo lab, cashier, hardlines and flow. It's the only job I have ever held.

The reason I am trying to find another job is because I am about to be termed for not getting any redcards in the past few months. they wont let me transfer departments or to another store. They also have moved me to only cashiering so my percentage can plummet.

I am getting very nervous to the point where it has adversely affected my health. I live in a suburb where unemployment is about 4.9%. Finding a job that will hire any upright standing person with a pulse shouldn't be so hard. I have a clean criminal record. I even ran a background check on myself to check if there were any false flags. My interview skills are by no means stellar, but I have the questions they ask memorized...

Is the experience not considered an advantage? It's a tad hurtful that an employer could have hired me but was so put off by me that they rolled the dice on a teenager who is gonna be hungover every Saturday morning. Can anybody with HR experience or other insight explain what constitutes a good TM candidate at Target? This insight can help me with getting into other stores.

1. Can you be rejected due to being "overqualified?" as in, they figure you're gonna get something better soon so why bother hiring you.
2. Can having a lot of retail experience be interpreted as "wow what a loser, don't they have any ambition?"
3. Should I try to diversify my resume by trying different entry level stuff?
4. Is the fact I am trying to leave my current employer a red flag?
5. I am a college student. My availability is open except for I need 2 weekdays off until 4. Am i getting binned because of not having full-blown open availability?
6. Is there any possibility that whoever at Target getting the calls for my employment reference is maligning me to prevent me from finding work?
7. If I get canned, how long is it usually before you can reapply to a different Target?

Sorry for the whining, I just don't know what I'm doing wrong.


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Jun 10, 2011
Be patient when the calls come they'll probably come all at once.
You're a good candidate and I'm sure someone will pick you up.

As long as you've been relaxed in your interviews and haven't bad mouthed Target, it shouldn't be a problem.

Take a look around at what other jobs are available, don't limit yourself to retail.
You might make more and enjoy working at something else.
They can't say anything bad about you at Target. It's against the law.
Wanting to find a different job isn't a problem.
Being out of work for almost a year, now that's a problem.
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