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Jun 21, 2011
have wrapped or locking peg hooked in your electronics area. This should vary greatly from store to store. We basically have everything that is in a box spider wrapped. We don't wrap TV mounts, but pretty much everything else is. We have all headphones on locking peg hook and all hanging accessories that are priced over $20 on locking peg hooks (not including camera and cell phone cases). We have recently put all Ipod/pad accessories on locking peg hooks. All DS games are the locked plastic cases. DVD's and blue rays that are over $40 are wrapped and we maintain a capacity of ONE on the floor.
Damn, I thought my department was strict on things being secure at Electronics at my store! Just one blu-ray cased for each movie? You guys must have some pretty bad shop lifting going on. Or, your AP is just ultra paranoid.

We tend to have the normal lock up items in glass cases, like xbox, ps3, ipods/ipads, wii, kindle, TVs spider wrapped, etc. Only high priced head phones are on locked peg hooks. Other stuff that falls within the pricy or high theft category is locked up/spider wrapped. We have games and blu-rays in cases but nothing like just one copy only on the sales floor. I guess the only extreme thing we do is if a POG calls for an Xbox, PS3, Wii, on one of the Launch Pad end caps, we dont' put them out.

I can't image having every single iPod/iPad case being on a locked peg hook. We have issues with people just pulling off iPad cases off those hooks because they just want to see them.
One of the reasons for the shelf capacities being one is, because once you spider wrap a season of True Blood (for example) there is barely enough room for another. Spider wrap isn't cheap either, so keeping the capacities at one allow for more items to be wrapped with no additional expenses.
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