What exactly /IS/ team alignment?


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Same old wine in a brand new bottle, just more of it.
It's going to involve much more micromanagement and more work for the already overburdened TL's.
It's more or less been implemented in the store I work at, but I have no clue what in the world it actually does/means?
A complete waste of time nobody will do anything with other write about while faking out buisness walks and leadership status. HQ has been a on a role lately with time wasting paper work that has zero use at the store level.

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I would love to have .01% of the money that it cost to implement this. The money that paid for a team to think of and approve this "one team one dream" concept. The money from the focus groups. From the artists and printing and shipping costs for the posters. From payroll used to put up said posters and to talk it up at huddles. Ridiculous. No one at the hourly level should be subjected to this corporate culture BS. I can see the ETLs having to buy into it, they HAVE to drink the kool-aid. I think corporate has forgotten that Target is just a discount retailer. A high end dollar store. Most people at the hourly level are here for a paycheck, not corporate propaganda for Targets Brave New World.


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I could see it being worthwhile if they were truly serious about developing talent & promoting from within but it's a ridiculously lofty goal for what we're paid & expected to do in this Mcjob culture we've morphed into.