Archived What has become of the Target lawsuit?

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Jun 16, 2011
There was a story here about a TM who ended-up getting fired when he was caught collecting carts while on his break. I remember how there was the one thread that had the TM asking questions.....and then the info about the issue being filed as a lawsuit. What thread do I need to go to in order to catch-up on what is going on now?
We have the John Anderson thread about breaks on the forum.
The cart guy, maybe the tm who did the petition on opening on bf.
Other lawsuits are:
Age - firing of tm's due to age - I am watching this one
Target NATL bank - unfair debt collection
Internet access - blind folks sued spot under Ada
Environmental violations - unsafe practices in california.
Tm firing due to mold.
Ap guy firing due posting spot ap bp book.
Various gay ones
Tm breaks - sorta like wal-mart one
Go to for even more lawsuits.
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ok....didn't realize that there were so many lawsuits out there.
Thanks for the info though.
There was a guy who posted some questions and comments about working off the clock.....and how he's often the only LOD in the store.

Once the lawsuit showed up, then someone (here) had shown that this issue was first brought up here.

Sorry, I'm probably not making a lot of sense.....but I do remember this and I guess that I'll just have to look through the forum until I find what I'm looking for. are fabulous for finding this information for are a Master!
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