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Aug 30, 2013
I was just wondering what it would be like to be a FATL? What are the responsibilities? I'm just trying to figure out if there's a future for me at Target.. I'm a food ave team member but am only there because I am trying to get into the food service field while i attend culinary school. This is my first REAL job. I have been recognized as a Top Performer after only being there a month and a half. Now my TL mentioned making me a trainer. From what I've read on the site it doesn't look like becoming a trainer necessarily means anything but more duties. I thought it would mean better pay. So I figured if I was looking to become a FATL eventually, then I would look into becoming a FA trainer.. So what are responsibilities or a normal day for a FATL?


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Jun 17, 2011
True. The trainer title is name only. No pay increase. Just more work and responsibility to track the TMs you trained. Depending on your ETLs and FATL it may get you more attention on your performance.

On being a FATL, it really just depends on your store and your Food Ave setup for being a FATL. Some smaller stores FATLs to have that many additional duties, then at bigger stores they can just be swamped with duties. I had some that worked Food Ave+Cash Office+GSTL. Then some that were just worked FATLs duties.

But usually their duties consisted of making sure all the equipment was running correctly, manage food inventory and order food items and supplies, manage prep and displays, communicated/gave feedback to TMs, corrected any food quality issues, and played a small hand in scheduling.

During my Target tenure, I was acting Food Ave TL on multiple occasions. Usually when either a FATL quit or transferred departments. I just took on the duties of ordering supplies, food, managed the daily tasks/cleaning schedule, train new TMs, and keep the team in check. Then the Consumables TL was responsible for receiving the order and getting with the state inspections & 3rd party food/safety company. I actually got the FA out of a huge drop in the inspection scores.

In the long run, my ETLs ignored all those accomplishments, and the Food Ave at my store was a blackhole. Once they know you are good at it, they want you there all the time. It took 2 years of constant baggering to get my store to move me to the floor.

But it could be different for you. And your store coudl be a different experience.

IMO, I would jump on your FATL and ETLs to let you attend the Food Service classes if they are still offered. Be proactive about doing extra, detailed, and weekly cleanings. If you are not experienced in ordering or managing the FA, get with your FATL about that. Make them see you can take on extra roles.

If you are going to culinary school, FA is not going to be much help except for food quality and safety training. You cannot be creative in FA. A lot of the stuff is getting more pre-made as it goes. You just basically put it out for display, or warm it up....thats Food Ave. Pizza Hut is getting to be the only near freshly made offerings.
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