When do W2's become available?

Jan 12, 2019
For anyone wondering...there is a choice to get it sent to H&R Block or TurboTax...THAT OPTION WORKS! I sent mine to H&R Block and they were able to retrieve it no problem. If you want to file now thru them you can. Turbo tax is very simple, free, and easy. I've used it 3 years. I only went to H&R Block because Ireally needed the advance.

Anyway, that's an option if you want to file now.


This was supposed to be a seasonal job...
Dec 9, 2017
Now they're unfurloughing some IRS workers to come back and process tax returns and refunds so people don't throw a shit fit when they can't get their refund back.
More likely they don't want to risk owing anyone interest on delayed returns if the President's tantrum shutdown doesn't end soon combined with delays because of the backlog of returns.