Who do I report our STL to for drug related offenses?

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  1. Reddington

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    Please forgive the dramatic headline and I can understand any skepticism that follows, but I really don't know who to ask and I'm hoping someone reading this will be able to help or point me in the right direction.

    It has come to my attention that there is drug related activity at my store. Furthermore, I have proof.

    Besides my own eye-witness account, I have several key pieces of irrefutable evidence that implicates our current STL, a former ETL, a few TLs, and more than a few TMs in an illegal narcotic ring that has seen the usage and selling of said narcotics on company property during operational hours. I can't go into specifics for anonymity's sake, but this has been going on for quite some time at my store.

    Now my question: who do I see to file a formal report and turn what evidence I have over? The local police? The state police? AP? The regional district manager? Who?

    I really do not trust this with our human resources person, and this seems a bit much for the Integrity Hotline to handle. This is the first time I ever had to do this, and I'm kind of at a loss here.

    I have no doubt that when I turn over what evidence I have, it will be the end of my career at Spot because the Good Lord knows how corporations love a whistle-blower. I'm fine with that. I'll leave content knowing that there is one less avenue available for people to ruin their lives with.

    This will, in all probability, be my last post on this site. If I have helped you with a question before or bought a smile to your face, you're welcome, and in return I thank you for allowing me to post here.
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  2. Yetive

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    I would take it out of the store. It seems pretty widespread and you might not be aware of everyone who is involved. If it were me, I would go to the police. They can take it from there. If you would rather go to someone in the company, I would think APBP.
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  4. Pale

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    Either the police or a District/Regional Lead. Either way the both of them will get involved with something this big.
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  6. Kartman

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    But of course!
  7. pinkp2ie

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    I'd just go straight to the police if the STL is involved in this. Quite sad...
  8. DTL is where I would go. Maybe in an anonymous way if you're afraid of retaliation. Make your you keep copies of whatever evidence you have.
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  9. Damn you must be ap or something lol
  10. Yeah, that's a straight to PD type situation. If you have actual irrefutable evidence your city's Narcotics detectives would probably love to have a chat with you to see what you know and what you can show to them. If it's good enough they'll run with it.
    Don't expect people to be arrested overnight, though. Those types of investigations can take weeks as they piece together the whose who in the ring, and where/who the ring's supplier is, where they're getting it, etc. Theres also a good chance that you would be subpoenaed to testify in court when all is said and done, so keep that in mind.
  11. signingminion

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    Second this. Do not go to anyone from spot. Your local pd is the best choice. Stress that you want to be anonymous. Good luck.
  12. Third, this. Go to the PD! Not spot.
  13. Police. I wish them all the best. You make it sound like a meth lab was created in the janitors closet lol. Unless you're ap with an axe to grind, screenshot/pic or didn't happen we always say. I wouldn't advise holding any of the evidence in your hands if it's illigeal narcotics
  14. TTGOz

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    I would go to your PD, and I'm not sure if you can delete topics yourself but the choice is clear and you should probably delete this just in case anyone sees and has time to cover it up.

    Complete anonymity and communication between you and PD.
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  15. buliSBI

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    Drugs are bad.

    Anonymous letter to AP or HR, or to the District office. Then Call local PD.
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  16. smashandthrash

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    If you don't want anything covered up, then go to the police
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  17. redeye58

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    As others have said, outside authorities - avoid anyone with spot.
  18. HRZone

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    HR would cover for them. Just being honest.

    If you found out about this before your AP did, they are either in on it or no good themselves.
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  19. redeye58

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    The reason you want to go outside with this is spot wouldn't watch out for your well-being worth a damn & no telling who these guys might be involved with.
    At the very least they could make your life hell; at the very worst you could be in a very dangerous position.
  20. HardlinesGuy

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    If it's as big as you say it is, I say State Police. Even if not the staties, definitely go straight to local PD. Best of luck!
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