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Nov 1, 2011
Hey all

Just wondering there are any other TMs or TLs at wear now 1 stores that think it too early to be setting head and hand in infants? I is 89 degrees outside my house right now, why do they think setting this product is necessary right. I am having my brand team member of JOY product to set the 1st POG. The 2nd 1 is only 56% ready to be set, so won't be setting this on time unless we get more product on Friday.

Also did not work out any of the jackets that are called for on the 08/12 VA. Not sure if I will ever have enough space for them or if I will just end up backstocking something else less warm when the snow starts to fly here.

At my store I have way too much product for my department. Of course we are a special store with only 3 rows of racks/tables/convertibles, instead of the 4 called for on the map of the VA manual. I really just wished this map was even half way close to the layout in our store.

Needless to say I am very frustrated with this department, as last month it looked, as though I was having a going out of business sale and this month I have more product than will ever fit on my floor. It rough, as I have stuff in back that is not represented on the floor, as no where to put it.

I just hope boys is not the same way next month. It is very light now, due to BTS and the stupid infants buyer that was promoted or was demoted to boys buyer not purchasing enough product. I don't need to be overstocked there as well after next weeks VA set.

Sorry, but I just need to vent.
Not open for further replies.