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Jun 26, 2011
Okay, I sliced one of my fingers a few months ago. Here's the scenario.

There's a cabinet used by the mobile dealers beside the stockroom's door. On this cabinet they have a magnetic board. Problem is this board doesn't have the safety edges on the side. At first look, it looks like a cardboard. Well it's actually a very sharp thin metal glued to a cardboard. Didn't noticed, sliced my finger, bandaged it to stop the bleeding, filled out a workers comp with the help of etl hr, went to get a drug test, went to patient first, got stitches, gave the papers to my HR. All these in one day.

I thought everything's good. Now I just got a letter from patient first that I owed them $200+ because workers comp insurer hasn't responded for 60 days! My ETL hr is currently LOA. Hopefully my Hr could help me
There are insurance payments on the bill though I thought workers comp covers all the payments
I think there's a big problem. My HR handled the paperwork.

At the day of the injury, I filled out some paperwork, paper and computer, and talked directly to the worker's comp hotline filing for workers comp before I had my finger stitched.

I filled out more paperwork at patient first, got treatment, and then went back to target to give the copies to my hr.

After that, nothing. One phone call from workers comp company to get more information a few days later. Didn't get any letters or anything from anyone.

I thought everything's good until I got this bill. it's been 3 months since the incident.
This is the very first time i injured so I'm not sure how all of these works
If your ETL-HR is on LOA, I would give the TMSC a call. I would imagine that all of your paperwork and information would be on file with them.
Don't worry.
This is typical back and forth stuff.
You're not going to get stuck paying for anything.
Just keep copies of everything and dump it back on the HR-ETL.
It's their job to handle it or funnel it to the right person to handle it.
ETL-HR's can just take LOAs and get their job back immediately after? Who does all of these important things? It's not fair to the TM in the original post.
I used a different reason. My ETL-HR will be gone for 2-3 months.
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