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    Archived Freedom!

    Target was always a temporary part-time gig for me, and after my hours went to practically nil after MyTime was implemented at my store, I decided it was good time to get out. Seriously though, my last 4 weeks had an average of about 12 hours, none which were in Electronics, the job for which I...
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    I'm Lost! The Call In/Sick/Late/NCNS/Attendance Thread

    Just make sure it doesn't happen again, and it will blow over. I think they used to call, but for some reason, most stores just stopped over the last couple years or so. For that reason, I check and recheck the schedule obsessively.
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    To that one guest

    To the two guests that I had to tell to get their two children out of the cage for the giant balls while they stood there laughing, are you f-ing stupid?
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    Archived Excuse me, do you work here?

    Last week, I was doing a little shopping before clocking in, and as I was walking with my arms full, I heard someone calling from behind me, "Excuse me. Excuse me! EXCUSE ME!" I just kept on walking without turning at all, and I'll be perfectly honest, it felt phenomenal.
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    To that one Team Member I - ARCHIVED

    To all my fellow Electronics Team Members: You wanna fix it? With a Mix-It? o_O
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    Archived Saving your AAR in face of the dreaded gift card

    Truth be told, I'd rather follow idiotic corporate policies and sales that tank metrics than use workarounds that make it look like said idiotic corporate policies and sales are working. But then again, the amount I care about AAR is pretty non-existent, seeing as it is a heavily flawed metric.
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    Archived explosive incident

    Obscene? That looks awesome!
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    Archived Phone Shopping

    I had a guest call and ask what TVs we had on sale. When I tried to get some general details to narrow down the search (size, LCD/LED, etc.), he didn't know and asked me to go through all of them.
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    To that one Team Member I - ARCHIVED

    To that one Team Member that used the bathroom before me: I'm not sure what you ate/drank/took to make your urine reek to strongly but maybe you should consider laying off of it. If this seems rude to point out, then maybe you should also consider flushing the fricking toilet!
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    Archived Disgruntled Employee

    fyi, I found out from a TL that per some policy, hours for now are currently being prioritized for TLs. This means a smaller pool of hours that can be distributed to TMs. So to OP, it's not surprising that you would be getting fewer hours despite being a top performer. There is just simply...
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    Archived KrebsOnSecurity Breaks Story on Target Data Breach

    This is why there's no reason to freak out and cancel accounts (Red card or otherwise). Just monitor accounts and billing statements. Get issued new cards with new numbers. Problem solved. You'd think no one ever lost their card before.
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    Archived Rest periods between shifts?

    A small handful of times, HR goofed and scheduled me for closing on Saturday, ending at 11 to 11:30, and early morning signing on Sunday, starting at 3 - 4. When I noticed ahead of time, I notified an ETL and got the schedule changed, which is an option you could try. They might take pity if...
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    Archived I hate it when...

    I hate it when a guest utters the phrase "...but it says online that you have it" or "...but the store in X says that you have some."
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    To that one guest

    Operator: Phone call for toys. Me: Target toys, how can I help you? Guest on phone: Hi, I'm looking for a toy. The DPCI is XXX hyphen XX hyphen XXXX. Me: Okay. The Lala Loopsy doll? Is there a particular one you are looking for because that is an assortment number? Guest on phone: Yes...
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    Archived question about salvage

    This is a bad idea because ringing up an item for $0.00 is specifically mentioned in the handbook as something to never ever do. So if some poor new cashier actually did what you were hoping and gave it to the guest for free, they'd likely get into trouble. On the other hand, ETLs and TLs...