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    The most crucial and least important roles in the store?

    well i quit like a year ago so eh
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    The most crucial and least important roles in the store?

    Good job quoting a two year old post, GSA is a usless role. Promote the TM to TL, not middle man.
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    How much do you get paid an hour at target?

    I quit at 12 50 after 5 years, started at 8.50 flow, never got a raise over 30 cents but had those bumps from the company raising the minimum
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    15 dolla make u holla (in despair)

    I've said this before and I'll say it again. What's 15 bucks and hour when you only get 17 hours a week
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    Terminated for not taking breaks?

    I did nothing target related on my 15 because you're not paid too
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    Let’s discuss why so many people quit Target...

    You should never spend your life working in retail, there are always better jobs, even unskilled
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    Know your codes!

    Or just let the store burn down
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    Guest made my cashier cry...

    This I mean, why cry. Just laugh at guest. That's what i did, it mad them madder
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    How bad is it to call out for a day you were denied a time off request?

    Honestly don't listen to anyone here that posted yet. Call out. No one will care and nothing will happen. For 5 years I missed Thanksgiving dinner because I had to worth a shitty hourly job that will just replace you the next day if you quit. You're not under your 90 days and it's not your...
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    Uncomfortable Huddles

    Sometimes I feel like applying at these store just to tell management to go fuck themselves and then quit lmao
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    So my HR TL called me in today

    This is why you shouldn't care about the guest. I don't. That line woulda waited and I would have told them I can do anything until someone secures the money
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    So my HR TL called me in today

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    Black Friday: Good Luck

    glad i quit so i didnt have to deal with this again
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    Well I guess I'm going to HR...

    Quit. I had the same problem. Was only getting two days a week for like 4 months. Was told hours weren't there. Found a job that paid a tiny bit less per hour but I get a full 40. What's 15 bucks an hour when you only work two days
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    Friggin Cup Holders!

    This is what happens when you target middle aged soccer mom's. Normal places make you carry your own drink