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    Guest say the darndest (dumbest) things

    Having just bought readers at Walmart, I have to say that, yes, they are taxed. Well, at least in NC they are.
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    The Breakroom Memes

    I found this one in my comics today.
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    Archived Screw jeans - I just want to wear black pants, please

    So the dress code has changed. I was at my old store (I'm retired now - since 2014). And saw all these TM's wearing jeans. So was wondering.
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    Archived My shifts disappeared on Kronos??

    My husband works for Lowes and they use Kronos. It's horrible.
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    To That One Guest - II

    I was working one Black Friday in 2013. We had a child that was separated from their mother. Target had a deal on iPads that year. The mother heard us paging but didn't want to get out of line. That stupid iPad was more important to her than her child.
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    Target Memes

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    To that one guest

    We had a team member from the back room up for backup. These 2 women (I refuse to call them ladies) jumped all over her because she didn't read their minds and separate their orders. They even went and complained to the GSTL. If we hadn't been so crazy busy I would have said something. The...
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    To that one guest

    When I was working at Target all those years ago my husband would come to do the shopping. The one time my supervisor in Market was up for backup and came to me later all upset because he had forgotten to give my husband the credit for his 5 bags. My husband didn't even realize it and really...
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    To that one guest

    I have one that's a little white pill. Then there's my acid reflux that a yellow capsule shaped pill. And my blood pressure meds that are a really little kinda beige colored pill. Funny thing is that I never needed blood pressure medication UNTIL I started at Target:rolleyes:.
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    To that one guest

    I've mentioned on here before about the guest that left the USED condom behind some glassware. It was there for awhile because nobody wanted to touch it.:eek:
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    Guest say the darndest (dumbest) things

    Actually, there is a store down here in the South that does do that. You can get some really good deals there in their clearance, too.
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    Archived How to be deal with rude/offensive/entitled guests when we can't react?

    I had a guest in line with his 2 daughters. He kept insisting that it was another percentage off (about what your guest said). However, I didn't even have to call anyone over to deal with him as both daughters took care of it. We have a store down here in the south that does do that. Both...
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    To that one guest

    Someone left a cup from Jamba Juice (back when we sold Jamba Juice) under one of the racks in girls that had mold growing on it. Then there was the used condom someone left behind some items in housewares.
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    To that one guest

    Now if you use big words (as in more than 1 syllable) you'll confuse them :rolleyes:.
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    To that one guest

    Way back in the early 90's I worked at a Family Dollar. At least once a week we'd have a customer come in and start complaining that we didn't have anything that was supposed to be on sale. Our manager would look at the ad they were holding and it was always a Dollar General ad.