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    Bring Z-racks back!

    We're not allowedto use anything either. No Z, no 3 tier, no shopping carts, no closet, nothing. Departments are constantly called to come to the FR to get their stuff. It was horrible at first. Now it's just rough on the weekends.
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    Auditing Hunter

    Yes, but red card users still get the extra 30days on top of the 14days
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    Move app

    Yeah, we're not allowed to use carts. For anything. Ever. ASANTS
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    $12 Min soon?

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    $12 Min soon?

    For everyone. Min will be $12. Current tm will get review first, then up to 12 if not there yet. New hires will start at $12min
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    confused with schedule

    Red just means it was edited from how my time auto scheduled you. Like an etl changed it before finalizing it
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    AE18 predictions

    Yup, A is mmb, cosmetics is F and hba is E
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    Sales Floor Operator

    Every store has the ability to answer with a cordless. We do not. We are also not allowed to limit number of items. Told its a regional thing???? Dunno.. we also have to do the 2hr swap operator thing and no reshop allowed at FR
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    Sales Floor Change to Fitting Room Proceedures?

    We've been doing this for a couple months.... ugh. Each a&a tm takes a shift in the fr. Usually 2 hours. Have to walk guests to their room, and put unwanted items away immediately
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    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    Omg, I would strangle my fellow TM's if they were subbing items. No no no!!
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    Pay Rates

    SOME new tm make $11, some make more. And different states and regions pay different. Too many factors to give 1 answer
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    Black Friday 2017

    We can not price match anything EXCEPT target.com
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    Hours that Your Store is Open

    M-Sa 7a-11p Su 7a-10p. Later obviously with holidays coming up.
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    Sales Floor Schedule VM

    25 more hours of those amplified gifting tower builds.... maybe helping with that?