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    Archived Terminated

    Doesn't seem like it. Make the most of a second chance.
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    Archived Terminated

    If you paid in full and they still had you sign a promissory note I would assume it is to have on file in case you decide to file for unemployment. Then they will have on record you admitted to stealing and you would not win your case. Likely they just want to make sure they win an...
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    Archived CVS Pharmacy @ Target

    Have to say...this is actually a good move for Target. Pharmacy was a way to get people in the door but is a small margin business that Target doesn't have as much expertise in that CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens do. They also don't have nearly as many stores and people have to walk a ways to...
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    Archived No More Drug Testing

    Are you okay with people showing up to work drunk? You're being paid to work, don't show up under the influence.
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    Archived No More Drug Testing

    To me the drug testing is more about know you're looking for a job and a good deal of places test, but you come up positive anyway? You knew this was a possibility, doesn't seem like a responsible thing to do. It's possibly indicative of someone's future behavior. In all...
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    Archived To Target Management, your thoughts?

    What's the point, go get another job. You're wasting your time trying to get back into Target. If you're truly sorry and won't do it again, use your new job as a 2nd chance, but it's not going to happen with Target.
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    Archived Feeling kind of lied to

    this will not be the last time you'll be lied to
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    How much are you making?

    left Target after 3 1/2 years HRTM 9.18 started as a softlines TM at 8.00
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    Archived Apology to Canada

    Why does the ETL-HR say she's "the" ETL-HR for Target? Doesn't each store have one? Wouldn't that make her "an" ETL-HR for Target? That bugged me.
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    Archived Interviewing process at target

    Last time I was involved with the process as HR... two interviews 1 phone (TL) one in person (ETL) But when I was hired seasonally last year it was 2 in person interviews for TMs there are a max of 2 interviews, not going to be 3. they will hire you on the spot, they don't take 6...
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    Archived Guest Service Desk after Remodel question

    Just shopped at a Target with IGS...not any of the stores I've worked at. It was bad - long lines, all funneled into one line at 4 expresses, with only one open. It's just not a good idea. Meanwhile with their free space now that guest services isn't where it was...they put fan central. Are...
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    Archived HR Team Member

    I think C volume? We had one FT HRTM and I would help out during breaks, then eventually they gave HR more hours and we both did it FT. It was us and the ETL-HR, no HRTL
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    Archived Double the paycheck, double the fun... Oh Wait

    By the way, people talking about overdraft fees...yes that sucks. But you're responsible for making sure your check is correct, if it's twice as much as it should be, you should recognize something is wrong and not spend the entire amount until you check in and see what's going on. If you're...
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    Archived Double the paycheck, double the fun... Oh Wait

    People on here are serious about being able to keep the check? You didn't work those extra hours to get a second check. Yes a company can reverse a direct deposit if they catch it within a certain amount of time. Yes it's legal if it's not time you earned. If they don't, they'd have to...
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    Archived HR Team Member

    I did HRTM during college - so yes it can be done.
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    Archived Drug Test Questions

    hair tests are expensive nice referred someone you know is a drug user and, by your own admission, you "aren't close" pretty stupid
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    Archived I got a 13 cent raise today for my review.

    I got an E, .10 cents. They gave me my review on my last day as I had already given my notice. I was there since November so it was prorated. Not the worst raise Target ever gave me, which is sad.
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    Archived Pathway to Profitability

    Are you kidding me? Then it's not really closed, you're just screwing employees out of hours...of course.
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    Archived Why does salesfloor Zone items in empty spots?

    I would backstock my own stuff because it wasn't much, I knew the backroom had a lot to do, and I knew how. Most don't, but still may be too lazy to even take it back to the backroom and put a clip on it.
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    Archived Why does salesfloor Zone items in empty spots?

    sometimes it's laziness - if they're pushing a CAF and they don't want to backstock they'll do that