1. P


    Is there a reason that when you run across a baffle, it defaults to "some"? Why don't they make it go something like..."unexpected item scanned, how many are here?" Would that not fix the issue then and there? Now it just defaults to locating the item as "some".
  2. M

    My store app

    What’s the purpose of the location barcode? Is it safe to use?
  3. PackAndCry

    Logistics Is your backroom more "well-organized" than ever before?

    Well, based on HQ saying that "our teams are telling us that their back rooms have never been so well-organized going into a holiday season" (yes, really), thought it'd be worth asking- are we really telling them that? Let's hear it! I know at my store, the line itself is probably more clear...
  4. wheresmyzebra

    Backroom shelf labels

    Hey team, is it possible to print backroom shelf labels using my zebra? I have a few sections in my aisles that really need to be replaced and I’d ideally like to not have to wait for my TL to do it and I just want to get it done. TIA
  5. Megatron91

    Visits from safety team Has this happened to anyone here
  6. C

    Changing openstock location to casepack

    I have some locations in the backroom that are pulling things like they are openstock but I want to change the location to be casepacks. How do I do this?
  7. N


    What exactly are pulls and where do they come from? Also where do the items in target distribution boxes come from?
  8. KillerTL

    Ladderless Backroom???

    Has anyone heard of this??? How can we possibly make this happen?
  9. lrou98

    Wacky WACOs

    What is a WACO? What do the letters stand for? People say the word all of time but I have no clue what it is.. By the way, what the heck is a POG?
  10. Sushi2Go

    What are the "13 steps" in backroom?

    I keep hearing it tossed around the store and in this forum but never got an explanation of what it actually means. Can someone break down the details?
  11. T

    Told to game the system

    Longtime lurker here, my ETL came up to me yesterday and told me to key in the dpci of the item if it wasn't in the location when I'm pulling. Basically, lie. If the product is in location further on though, it won't pull it since it's thinks I already pulled it. He said it's because our numbers...
  12. F

    Back-room Pricing Pulls

    Can anyone tell me the steps to pull back-room price changes? I know you have to go through the old Grey PDA but what are the actual steps??
  13. Y

    List for department numbers?!

    I'm trying to redo my aisle boards, can anyone explain to me how to find a list of department numbers ?(like a cheat sheet I can use to help me out)
  14. Y

    I forgot lol

    can someone explain to me the backroom pulls process? I’ve done it once during the holidays but I forgot and now I just need a refresher. What app do we use on the MyDevice to do pulls?
  15. balthrop

    Logistics Global Issue

    So there was a “global issue” overnight. Or rather that’s what we were told, or maybe it was the night before meh don’t really matter. IIRC there’s going to be another attempt to fix it sometime today. But any who… Our toy aisle was unlocated, then automagically relocated but not all of it...
  16. C

    Backroom location error???

    Hey there! So my store is having a difficult time with our backroom accuracy. I’m new and nervous that I’m adding to the problem! Today they audit an entire aisle of the backroom, then I pulled an ILR In that section and I’m affraid I messed up. It asked me to pull 2 of an item that was in a box...
  17. T

    Types of backroom reports we use at target

    I’m prepping for an upcoming interview in the company however I must be able to explain some of the reports we use in the backroom as far as inventory and truck. Does anyone know of the names of some of those reports we use? I already know about the location accuracy report I need two more atleast.
  18. Ebbandsto

    Brla Accountability

    Hey guys, just a quick question. Since mywork2.0 unrolled in my district, the brla error report has moved to Greenfield. Not exactly sure when the switched happened, but since then the backroom location report does not pull up employee numbers or names on who backstocked what. The error report...
  19. M

    All items scanned report

    I have been picking up some shifts in the backroom. I was made aware I had 3 errors in the past month on the All items scanned report. can anyone tell me what the all items scanned report is? the only time I come across all items scanned is when I am pulling autofills. example- the zebra is...
  20. Z

    Fear of heights and the backroom

    Anyone else struggle with this? I'm softlines, but since we redid the backroom and condensed everything, there's now a lot more ladder-climbing involved in backstocking. I didn't used to have an issue with it, but back when things were stretched out I rarely had to use the ladders. Now we stock...