1. S

    Logistics Stores with an Offsite: Are you green on POT and INF?

    Just curious to see how other stores are doing.
  2. Stocker

    One for ones

    Hello everyone. I actually left Target for about a year but have decided to work at a store that was closer to home recently. I used to be inbound at my old store so I am not that familiar with the one for one process. I have no problem pulling them and I understand the need to make sure counts...
  3. S

    Backroom Organizations - Market

    Hey guys! I've been market TL for about a year now and I've really been interested in seeing how other stores organize their backroom. Their ambient room, coolers, freezers.. etc. We have our dry, produce and dairy organized by salesfloor but nothing else. How do you guys do it? And pictures...
  4. R

    Sales Floor Area on tc for backroom to fill

    I'll be working in B/B for the first time does anyone know what's it under on the tc like what's the name area ?
  5. L

    Backroom brand ambassador

    Has anyone started this program and what does your daily routine look like?
  6. bullseyethunder

    Does your store have a "Backroom DBO"?

    Does anyone else's store have an individual, whom on truck unload works at the front of the line and scans off any bulk backstock/transition product (or from areas that are heavy in product that day), puts it on pallets, then backstocks the product on those pallets in there appropriate backroom...
  7. S

    Are stores getting their brown wooden panels/facade back?

    Curious if stores have been getting their brown wooden panels back that were taken down 6 months or so ago or are they getting a different design? Our store looks crappy with just a banner.
  8. O

    what are the cardboard dividers in the backroom?

    I know this is random but i used to be a team member years ago and wanted to get the cardboard dividers Target uses in the backroom. I cannot remember what they were called? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. A

    Inaccurate one for ones?

    I thought 1 for 1's was when one sold if there was one in back it got added to the next 1 for 1 pull. This has always worked in my store but recently that seems to have changed. Lets say the shelf is full and i backstock 12 of something. Then another 1 for 1 is done in afternoon or night even...
  10. Planosss enraged

    Backroom profiling

    Hi team, Can anyone explain backroom profiling and how it relates to 1:1? Specifically, When pulling 1:1’s should myDay be asking you to pull eaches out of upper/lower case packs, or ,if profiled correctly, it should have you pull the whole casepack, even if ofo need is less than the casepack?
  11. E

    Specialty Two DPCI’s per Waco

    Hello everybody! Our district manager or some higher up, I’m not really sure, stopped by and said we should now limit two DPCI’s per Waco. Is that just us or is it for all Target stores? What are your thoughts? Is it something that should be taken seriously? I work in electronics and as you can...
  12. S

    Did I just let a guest into the back?

    Ok so I came around to electronics (Not my department) and this dude comes up to me asking if I have keys to the electronics backroom because he needs to “check stuff”. He kind of threw me off because he wasn’t wearing target uniform, but I know fulfillment/AP usually wear black as well. Also...
  13. Dream Baby

    Going ladderless

    Yesterday my TL taped some of the backroom aisles green, yellow, and red. They don't want use to use ladders anymore and want to put the backstock on the lower shelves. I understand this but what is the point if the DCs keep sending us all this stuff we don't need. Does corporate think we like...
  14. A

    Answered Correct way to delete backstock error

    If i have say 3 of an item to backstock and i put it in waco and then scan waco but accidentally put in 33 what is the best way to correct? Can i simply take 30 out or do i have to do an audit for that waco?
  15. A

    Logistics Backroom loc accuracy

    Hi anyone out there have a cheat sheet of tricks to get grocery backroom loc back up. It’s fallen a little over the last few weeks .
  16. M

    Can pallets be over the edge of the steel?

    Everyone says pallets can be over the edge of the steel. You want the pallet all the way in but sometimes that doesn’t happen so it’ll be over the edge. If it does happen, no more than 3 inches over the edge of the steel. Is this just what the store says? It feels a bit unsafe but I can’t find...
  17. LiveatTarget

    Tell me why....

    Tell me why this was all unlocated on my aisle this morning. Train people before you let ‘em work in my department. 😪😪😪
  18. PackAndCry

    Logistics Why do EOL batches pull things that aren't discontinued?

    Are they what would have previously shown as "discontinued soon", or is it just a bug?
  19. B

    back stock

    Do other stores have to back stock items so they are as neat and organized as the store itself?
  20. SleepyTM

    Answered Need More WACOs

    Hey guys, So currently our store is organizing our backroom and it's been going great. The only problem is that we are running very very low on WACOs. We just finished setting our backroom aisles for BTS and we used a ton of WACOs. We had made orders many times to receive more, but we have yet...