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  1. A

    Answered Correct way to delete backstock error

    If i have say 3 of an item to backstock and i put it in waco and then scan waco but accidentally put in 33 what is the best way to correct? Can i simply take 30 out or do i have to do an audit for that waco?
  2. A

    Logistics Backroom loc accuracy

    Hi anyone out there have a cheat sheet of tricks to get grocery backroom loc back up. It’s fallen a little over the last few weeks .
  3. M

    Can pallets be over the edge of the steel?

    Everyone says pallets can be over the edge of the steel. You want the pallet all the way in but sometimes that doesn’t happen so it’ll be over the edge. If it does happen, no more than 3 inches over the edge of the steel. Is this just what the store says? It feels a bit unsafe but I can’t find...
  4. LiveatTarget

    Tell me why....

    Tell me why this was all unlocated on my aisle this morning. Train people before you let ‘em work in my department. 😪😪😪
  5. PackAndCry

    Logistics Why do EOL batches pull things that aren't discontinued?

    Are they what would have previously shown as "discontinued soon", or is it just a bug?
  6. B

    back stock

    Do other stores have to back stock items so they are as neat and organized as the store itself?
  7. SleepyTM

    Answered Need More WACOs

    Hey guys, So currently our store is organizing our backroom and it's been going great. The only problem is that we are running very very low on WACOs. We just finished setting our backroom aisles for BTS and we used a ton of WACOs. We had made orders many times to receive more, but we have yet...
  8. M

    Backroom Aisle no Active on Greenfield

    Hi, I'm a style lead and I'm having some issue on Greenfield because two of my backroom location aisles are not showing, so I'm not able to pull any reports for those aisles. For example aisle 37 and 38 don't exist on the filter for the "Backroom Detail Report" but they do for BRLA. And yes I...
  9. SleepyTM

    Answered Flexing - No Location Items

    Hey guys, I've recently been given the task to organize grocery 1 in the backroom and it has been going really well. But I've been finding A TON of no location products in the back. Some leaders have told me that it's best to flex it out somewhere and print a new label for it and others have...
  10. SleepyTM

    Answered Owning Backroom Aisle

    Hello everyone, I recently found out about this website and thought I'd as a quick question! At the store I work at, my ETL asked me if I could take care of a specific aisle in the backroom.(Itll be my responsibly to keep it in check) I'm likely to get one of the crazy grocery aisles, which I'm...
  11. PackAndCry

    I'm Lost! Backroom Grouping

    If you group a location as Receive/Remote, will it still come out in manuals? Will it still come out in SFS batches? Couldn't find any info at all about this on Workbench.
  12. L

    I'm Lost! back room errors

    Do all Target stores post each person's number of back stocking errors at the ends of the back stock aisles? Does any one else find this embarrassing?
  13. PogDog

    Logistics Backroom audit and 1-for-1s

    We've started digging into our BRLA and have been doing the backroom audit consistently along with checking error locations as they appear in Greenfield. The backroom audit does attack a lot of those errors, thankfully. We have also started dropping 1-for-1s twice a day for PP1 Fillgroups...
  14. S

    Sales Floor End of Life batches

    Even though the product isn't discontinued. Even though the home is full. Still has to be pulled. Even though after I pulled 10 out if the backroom. Then i get a whole case on the truck. Why all the sudden urgency?
  15. M

    Store applications desktop app

    I haven’t been able to get on this desktop app to look at the back room detail report. Is it going away and if so is there another way to get into the report?
  16. allnew2


    All about accountability, and retraining all team members on how to pull , backstock and audit . If team members don’t improve within two weeks they are out of the Backroom and straight to cashier if they are lucky and need hours. How you guys do it?
  17. The Director

    Backroom Detail Report

    Anybody use this regularly?? I have found that it will not always update when clearing out locations. For example - there are several locations that I have audited multiple times, but the report still shows that it has a specific DPCI in it. I even tried deleting and adding back locations. It is...
  18. P


    Is there a reason that when you run across a baffle, it defaults to "some"? Why don't they make it go something like..."unexpected item scanned, how many are here?" Would that not fix the issue then and there? Now it just defaults to locating the item as "some".
  19. M

    I'm Lost! My store app

    What’s the purpose of the location barcode? Is it safe to use?
  20. PackAndCry

    Logistics Is your backroom more "well-organized" than ever before?

    Well, based on HQ saying that "our teams are telling us that their back rooms have never been so well-organized going into a holiday season" (yes, really), thought it'd be worth asking- are we really telling them that? Let's hear it! I know at my store, the line itself is probably more clear...