1. can't touch this

    Logistics Closing shift always be trashing receiving

    This is becoming a serious problem at my store. Back in ye olde days we had a closing BRTL who would straighten the backroom and receiving every night before he went home, including setting the line for flow. Now it's like nobody is in charge after 6pm. We got dipshits using the line rollers as...
  2. anathema

    Logistics BRLA

    BRLA is a massive issue company-wide right now. I've never seen so many stores dip under 97%. We have maybe one store that can hit 97% in our district. The only things I can think of that's causing massive drops: 1) Loss of instocks has created a massive loss in store scanning. Depending on...
  3. F

    Logistics Receiver / Receiving mail

    I’ve recently been promoted to receiver at my Target, doing it roughly for 2 weeks on short notice, decent training, not full depth as the last receiver was leaving very soon. No complaints, I’ve picked up on it pretty quickly, nice position I can really dig. But, I still have questions. My...
  4. allnew2

    Just curious. How many TL in the back room do you guys have?

    My store has 4 dayside and 3 overnight
  5. B

    Did I mess up while pulling?

    I got hired not too long ago as a backroom team member, and there's something bothering me. The answer is probably really simple but I gotta know. I'm pretty sure the TL already told me the answer to that, but since I'm pretty new there I can't remember everything that they taught me yet. The...
  6. T

    Logistics Advice for a possible upcoming TL?

    Hello all! I've currently expressed interest in becoming a backroom TL at my current store, but, the STL and current ETL-LOG fear that I may not have the capability to properly coach TMs and hold accountability. I'm currently in a trial period that came with a pay bump to be considered a...
  7. Shippoaven

    Sales Floor Reducing Back stock in freezer

    Hi I main the freezer dept in ouys r store for about several months now and it concerns me that the inventory system or what ever decides what to ship to my store gives me a LaRGE amount of backstock, particularly frozen veggies and Lean Cuisine meatloaf and Amys. Ive back stocked for example 50...
  8. squirrely

    SR TL Backroom

    So I'm currently and SR Salesfloor TL, and being moved to backroom to meet headcount. I'm wondering if anyone else is a SR TL backroom. Do you still have a closing night? My current closing night is the evening before a truck. Just looking for some insight as logistics is not my strong suit.
  9. N


  10. Formina Sage


    I asked this in the chatbox but I missed the answer. What is 12 step? I saw it pertaining to softlines something or other
  11. Formina Sage

    Emo Brandon's backroom journal

    So when I started at Target after dropping out of college, I reapplied to the store I worked at in high school as an electronics TM. I was pretty depressed about my college situation and how I was now living at home working and not having a social life, so I started keeping an online journal. I...
  12. Stocker

    Old garden center storage

    I am not sure if this is a thing at other stores or not since I could not find any posts on it. Anyway we use our old garden center space for backstock of bulk plastic (end going into store with roof) and the far end for fixtures (old register area has roof but open where plants used to be)...
  13. M

    All external storage taken away

    Anyone else recently have all their containers and extra storage trailer taken away? (I live in a smaller store, high volume. No space. Now no external storage)
  14. T

    Backroom TL-What to Expect?

    I recently sat down with my leadership to discuss my interests in becoming a backroom TL. I’ve been a backroom TM for 3 years so I know the jist of a lot of the processes, but, what exactly can I expect if I become the TL? Moreso, what are some things to look forward to. I understand ASANTS, but...
  15. WinterRose

    In need of backroom expertise pls....

    Backroom experts, I need your help. I have learned different information was being given to my fellow market tms. This is about pulling batches with a pda. 1. When the PDA tells you to pull 10, and on the waco you only see 5, how many would you pull? I'd say 10, right? 2. When the PDA tells...
  16. copycopy

    Logistics leaders - Suggestions for blackline process.

    I recently moved to a AAA volume store. I have been here long enough to make changes. The current blackline process is overly inefficient. The store I came from bowled the blackline out into the aisles. This store bowls into shopping carts and the the team backstocks from the carts. It is...
  17. D

    Logistics Issue with pulls

    So I’m a FA tm cross trained everywhere besides cart attendant and backroom/Plano (logistics stuff). I’ve noticed when I get thrown into Hardlines, the push line is always OVERFLOWING with carts. None of the carts are marked and honestly our store has lost/broken all our clips in the last 6...
  18. K

    Can you get in trouble for refusing to be the middle man?

    Is there anything in the team member handbook about? Recently two of our srtls have been telling us BRTM to tell SFS tms to do other things Like, they would be picking, and were are told when they come back, tell them to push clearance to certain endcaps But I get paid the same as them...
  19. D

    Logistics What happens to unpulled autofills/cafs?

    The past couple of days the 3 o'clock pulls have just been impossible to finish, yesterday they were 14 hours and today 9, with only one closer, and our dayside leaving at 3:30pm we just can't finish. Which honestly doesn't even matter much because hardlines can't seem to finish pushing what we...
  20. Gororules

    Backroom dayside question.

    So I'm in a sinking ship right now. My store has a few ship from store team members who know backroom but besides them it's just me. I'm the only dayside team member and it's been like this for a long time. Does anyone else have this as well? I feel like I'm being taken advantage of and it's...