1. T

    Backroom TL-What to Expect?

    I recently sat down with my leadership to discuss my interests in becoming a backroom TL. I’ve been a backroom TM for 3 years so I know the jist of a lot of the processes, but, what exactly can I expect if I become the TL? Moreso, what are some things to look forward to. I understand ASANTS, but...
  2. WinterRose

    In need of backroom expertise pls....

    Backroom experts, I need your help. I have learned different information was being given to my fellow market tms. This is about pulling batches with a pda. 1. When the PDA tells you to pull 10, and on the waco you only see 5, how many would you pull? I'd say 10, right? 2. When the PDA tells...
  3. copycopy

    Logistics leaders - Suggestions for blackline process.

    I recently moved to a AAA volume store. I have been here long enough to make changes. The current blackline process is overly inefficient. The store I came from bowled the blackline out into the aisles. This store bowls into shopping carts and the the team backstocks from the carts. It is...
  4. D

    Logistics Issue with pulls

    So I’m a FA tm cross trained everywhere besides cart attendant and backroom/Plano (logistics stuff). I’ve noticed when I get thrown into Hardlines, the push line is always OVERFLOWING with carts. None of the carts are marked and honestly our store has lost/broken all our clips in the last 6...
  5. K

    Can you get in trouble for refusing to be the middle man?

    Is there anything in the team member handbook about? Recently two of our srtls have been telling us BRTM to tell SFS tms to do other things Like, they would be picking, and were are told when they come back, tell them to push clearance to certain endcaps But I get paid the same as them...
  6. D

    Logistics What happens to unpulled autofills/cafs?

    The past couple of days the 3 o'clock pulls have just been impossible to finish, yesterday they were 14 hours and today 9, with only one closer, and our dayside leaving at 3:30pm we just can't finish. Which honestly doesn't even matter much because hardlines can't seem to finish pushing what we...
  7. Gororules

    Backroom dayside question.

    So I'm in a sinking ship right now. My store has a few ship from store team members who know backroom but besides them it's just me. I'm the only dayside team member and it's been like this for a long time. Does anyone else have this as well? I feel like I'm being taken advantage of and it's...
  8. notfit05

    BAckroom /sweeps team members

    hey dc team member here, wondering what training the guys in the backroom or whoever loads the sweeps truck get as far as what is acceptable and not acceptable to sweep back. Or any info about the process on your guys side would be helpful. I’ve been tasked with improving the sweeps...
  9. K

    Logistics Watching everyone trying to pull/backstock their own stuff is hilarious

    Seriously. People have literally no fucking idea what they are doing. We have lazy people who "can't reach shelf C 08", people who scan all the items on a steel shelf when they can't find the item in that one location. Shit, today someone pulled ice cream for a guest and not only pulled the...
  10. Sez2798

    Trim a tree grouping

    anyone offhand know which classes are in which group for trim a tree ? I have to organize the backroom aisle by groups 1/2/3 which is easy when it’s in the boxes w the colored labels, but not so easy when it’s 15 million things of open stock. I tried workbench but got nothing.
  11. O

    Electronics Stock Room??

    Crazy as this may seem, i cant figure this out for the life of me. In the electronics stockroom, under the detailed reports, it shows that there is a total of 80+ errors, but when you pull up the detailed report for the team member that work in that department, one of them pulled 0 batches...
  12. ElectroTarget

    Switched to Backroom/Freight

    So, my ETL recently took a look at the quality of work I've been doing and asked me to start working backroom/hardlines freight in Health and Beauty starting at around 3:00 AM to around 10:00 AM. Is there anything I can expect from this? How hard is it and can I expect any shifts in my...
  13. D

    Really confused about backroom

    I'm trained in almost all areas at the front end (carts, cashier, guest service, food ave) with almost no knowledge of backroom, but I asked to get trained back there just for something new. Had my first training shift (opening) and that was a lot of knowledge to take in. Also super fast-paced...
  14. P

    Red Hats?

    My store has been pushing new dress code rules. Suddenly we're not allowed to wear red baseball caps or any red head coverings besides a hijab if you're Muslim. The handbook says nothing and we used to have a poster that said red hats were fine. Should hats be okay, is our manager just...
  15. T

    Logistics Question for Move Pilot Stores

    The past month or two, the Move app has not been unlocating items when pulling. We've tried the CSC as well as my support to no avail. Are any other pilot stores experiencing this disastrous problem?
  16. B

    training tm, backroom question

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but I'm a little confused. So I am brand new at Target and being trained for overnight backroom, and at one point during a training shift I was instructed to pull backstock and repack for repricing, but wasn't shown how to do it properly. When I asked if I was...
  17. T

    How to add Ship to Store items to our counts?

    Does anyone know how to add Ship to Store items to the store's counts? We have some orders that we found that haven't been picked up in months. We're having trouble removing them from their hold locations and adding them to our counts. It's not as easy to just remove them and put them on the...
  18. WinterRose

    CAF vs Outs & Lows

    Which do you prefer being done in your dept? CAFs or doing Outs and Lows? And why pls. Thank you!
  19. T

    Logistics Back stock by typed location ?

    Is it possible to BS on a PDA by manually typing in the location?
  20. K

    Logistics Being asked to "watch" E2E Tms in the Backroom?

    So today, the SF ETL who I don't even report to asked me and the closer to "watch" the Market, COSM and SF tms to see if they are slacking. This is because when there only a LOD to close and no other TL in the store, they E2E TMs just sit on flats and talk about nothing while the SFTMs complain...