call boxes

  1. P

    Are call buttons not important anymore?

    my department rarely gets calls but I overheard a manager saying they dont rid of the scoring system for call buttons anymore
  2. Amanda Cantwell


    re INDYME... unfortunately there does not appear to be a code for "fast service needed at Guest Services" :(
  3. garbage

    Not sure if it's only my store...

    I'm not sure if it's only my store, but it seems like the call buttons are extraordinarily loud now when they go off over the walkie. Anyone else having this issue?
  4. L

    Confused about customer calls alerts

    I know how to answer the box phone when a customer is calling but when the robot says you have 15 or ten seconds to answer the call how do you know which phone it is. Also getting a call and handling a guest at the same time what do u do tell the guest you have to answer a call just some things...
  5. HRZone

    Sales Floor New call boxes

    Our store is getting call boxes in shavers, toothpaste (really) vacuums (makes sense) among some other places. Anyone else?
  6. MLVMS

    The voice!

    What do you call the voice over the walkie that wants to know who is gonna respond? Sorry if this is a repeat question, obviously, I'm new.
  7. daninnj

    Call buttons and other misc questions

    So I was on a computer in the TL office and there was a Excel document on the desktop called "Call Buttons." Curiosity got the best of me and I opened it. It's basically a chart of EVERY. SINGLE. CODE. for call buttons. I heard there's a way to activate the buttons using a red phone. I tried...