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closing lead

  1. copycopy

    Closing leads

    Question. Do you have an office/desk like ETLs? Or are you lumped in with TLs?
  2. L

    Closing Leads

    Since our job titles are not really defined I was wondering what do you do on a nightly basis or what is expected of you nightly. Also how many closing experts do you have under you??
  3. S

    TL pay bump?

    Does anyone have any info on if TL minimum Pay will increase since TM wage is increasing? I’m currently a closing lead and don’t make much more than $15 A hour. The position wouldn’t be worth it to me if I’m barely making more than my team members.
  4. T

    Is your store having all TL’s close the store themselves?

    My store is giving almost every TL keys and a passcode and having them close the store on weekends alone. It’s already started with style TL’s closing by themselves and the SETL’s. Now it’s on to the GM TL’s. If other stores are doing this I was wondering what kind of training you got. We are...
  5. G

    Closing Team Leader Help

    I have only been in role for about a week and a half right now, but I am finding it really difficult to nail down my routines. When I come in for the day, the store seems to be in shambles. I am not even kidding when I say that there are pallets, uboats and flats of transition piled up in the...
  6. copycopy

    SrTL/Closing Leads

    Just curious. Can SrTLs/Closing Leads pdd/coach regular TLs in your store?
  7. GSTL2019

    My Closing Lead (Theft)

    From my closing lead: Hey guys don’t feel like joining up but I had a question. I stoked $175 worth of Amazon Gift Card basically I just couponed them out. Got caught. Spot said there is going to be an arrest warrant next week. This is the 1st thing this has ever happened to me. I live in...
  8. busyzoningtoys

    Closing Lead paygrade and pay, other questions

    Going for the upcoming closing lead spot and I’m wondering if the paygrade for it is TL or if it’s the SrTL paygrade? Also looking for as much info as possible from any closing leads regarding pay, and how much of an increase you received (if any) and what role you previously had. Want to be in...
  9. KillerTL

    Are all closing leads former Senior TLs?

    So I am the only Senior left at my store and we had 3 last year. I have expressed that I have no interest in the position due to work/life balance reasons. I was told at first that if nobody in the store was interested then they would hire externally. Now I am being told that it has to be...
  10. busyzoningtoys

    Question for closing leads

    I have my eye on this position and have been talking a lot about it with my STL who has been helping me prepare for it, and with the things he said a couple weeks ago about it rolling out in the near future lining up with the chatter around here about modernization being pushed to everyone soon...
  11. gsa4lyfe

    Closing lead

    As the closing lead what is your workload like? Are you just recovery and talent management? I would get bored not having a weekly workload. I know being LOD takes a lot of time but closing you’ll always have down time... Anyone that’s a closing lead, what do you do all night?
  12. copycopy

    Closing leads

    How does it run in your store? Are there more than one of you? Do you run with a TL? Thoughts on it so far? Pros/cons?