1. TheLycan

    Transfer in pursuit of Happiness

    SO i am working overnights inbound and working close to 40 hours a week at my location. Due to a change in my life i am considering moving to the other side of my state which is 2 hours away to pursue happiness. I have visited the area before and know of a target down there but have yet to...
  2. WHS

    Transfer to store?

    Curious if anyone here has done this considering its typically stores to DC. I worked at the stores back in the day and am honestly missing it There's a few lead positions available (I have the relevant experience) and was considering applying. Wondering if anyone had done it from this side
  3. H

    Working at two different targets

    Hey so I am currently out of state on a student leave at my target and I have been working on and off now for over a year and a half, I really need money and I was wondering if it’s allowed to work at the target near my school for the semester then be able to go back to work at my target near home.
  4. C

    How long do transfers take?

    This isn't me, but for one of my GM TL's. A few weeks ago, I overheard her in a conversation and while I couldn't quite make out everything being said, I could gather that she was talking about here at work. Then there was a point when I clearly heard her say "I'll put in my transfer tomorrow."...
  5. K

    Transfer from retail location

    Hey. So I've been in a retail location for 6 months now. I'd like to transfer to a local DC. What's the most effective way to accomplish this? I already submitted a workday app. Talked to my SD and ETL-HR. Any other things I can do?
  6. Florida Dawg

    Store transfer

    Just wondering, what’s the proper way to transfer to another Target store? I’m considering now transferring out of my store to go somewhere else since I have had bad luck getting a new job elsewhere.
  7. KarmaToBurn

    Transfer Question

    I hate to ask this because I'm sure it's been asked before but I can't find it. Anyway, is it possible to transfer without your current SDs approval? There are currently issues and I don't want to leave the company, but.... Thanks
  8. versionDefect

    Applying to another store

    There is a better position available at another store and I am considering applying to that other store. How would I apply? Would I do it through or workday or would I go through HR.
  9. versionDefect

    Hiring Applying to another store

    I am working in a store I thought was working well for me but I want to apply to another store because the is a better position available. Do I apply like normal through or do I go through my HR. Me and the leads at my store aren't on the best of terms right now aswell.
  10. I

    Up and quit/Sexual Harassment

    Worked for Target for over eight years, earlier this year I transferred to a different store in a different state. The store was a s$&t show as was the management.Even though I knew how the Bullseye worked , every store is a little bit different. I wasn’t introduced to anyone, not even team...
  11. S

    Switching back to old department

    Hi! I just have a question and idk if anyone knows this but I was wondering if you moved into a new department if it’s possible to go back to your former one? Backstory is that I worked Service & Engagement since I got hired about a year ago and about a week ago moved to GM. I honestly felt that...
  12. NotQuiteKeanu


    Hi y'all. I'm in the process of transferring stores from a small town to a bigger area, and my HR ETL asked me to get her a list of stores I'd be interested in. I did so, and just on a whim, included some that were looking for TLs in the department I worked in when I was first hired as a...
  13. CrazyTarget

    TL transfer

    I am interested in other experiences about transferring. I already have the longest commuted than order TL/ETL and when I move, my commute will be an over an hour. As a "high performance" TL, I know I can find store outside my district closer to my new place. The things that goes against me is...
  14. S

    Training after transfer?

    Hi! I’m transferring stores in a couple weeks and just wanted to know what to expect when i start there. Do I go through any kind of training again to get to know the new store or do they just throw me in?
  15. S

    Store transfer help

    So I’m trying to transfer to the store in my college town for the start of the school year. I had a phone interview with the Specialty Sales TL at the store i’m trying to transfer to. She said that everything looked good, she just needed to talk to their HR to make sure my schedule would work...
  16. Introvertedqueen

    Transfer before 90 days is up?

    okay so I have a question, I’ve worked at target for almost 2 months and the location I am at is really far from where I live, I want to get a transfer to the target that is closer to me. Would I have to wait to finish out my 90 days before I can ask for a transfer or would it not matter?
  17. O

    Looking to transfer from a DC to a store in a leadership role

    Does anyone have any experience with transferring from a DC to a store? I do want to keep pay around the same, and am hoping my education and DC experience would make me a valuable candidate for a leadership role. Any advice? TIA!
  18. P

    Can pay be reduced after transfer?

    Hey I’m looking to transfer locations in a different state. I’m currently a APTL I’m curious, the only position in the AP filled I’m the store I want to go too is APS if I transfer to that can my pay be reduced?
  19. J

    Transferring stores

    Hi, I’m looking to transfer to a different target store, I’m still waiting to see if I get the transfer accepted. I’ll be moving in a month for school so I can’t start at the new store for another month. i only have two weeks left at this store because before I start school I’ll be going on...
  20. N

    Store Transfer