1. M

    Att-unpaid vacation

    I requested sept 30th off weeks ahead of time and im pretty sure it was approved; however, when I checked my time right now it says that I was scheduled anyway, but at the very bottom it says “att-unpaid vacation” So does this mean I got the vacation and they just messed up or does this mean it...
  2. P

    Vacation time?

    How do I check my vacation time? I'd like to see how much I have earned so far. I have only been with the company a short time and already feel as if I need a break.
  3. L

    Vacation & quitting

    After using vacation time how many shifts do I need to work after using vacation time up when ending my employment with Target?
  4. Dream Baby

    Adding Vacation Hours

    I am going to go on vacation on a Thursday to a Tuesday. I am not coming back to work until the Tuesday just before payday. Do I need to add vacation hours FOR THE PREVIOUS WEEK (i.e. Thursday to Saturday) before I come back?
  5. R

    Denied request days ??

    Is it just my store or everywhere we have been low on workers due to the fact everyone getting covid but really now when I request a day off in February it was denied and I'm not the only one there has been multiple people saying they got days denied too like come on I know we are low on workers...
  6. Anelmi

    2022 Vacation/Time Off Changes

    New changes coming to T/O. From the email sent out today: Key changes: o Any balance in your personal holiday time and well-being time will be converted into vacation hours on the effective date. o All eligible team members will now be able to submit time-off up to 40 hours in a week, rather...
  7. D

    New vacation policy?

    Anyone heard anything about this yet?
  8. T

    Time off not on payslip

    So I requested some vacation and time off pay last week, but it isn't showing up on my payslip this week. Any ideas on why? Thanks!
  9. S

    Accruing vacation problem

    Anyone else just stop accruing vacation and personal holiday the last few pay periods? Happened to a few people at my store, and yes I’m going to call tomorrow about it.
  10. S

    PTO reschedule question

    so 6 months ago i had pto set for nov 19th through the 29th, but due to an emergency i have to reschedule it to dec 3rd-dec 13th do you think this will be feasible being this short notice?
  11. D


    Can someone, in very simple terms, describe when team members begin accruing any sort of leave? Apparently my HR doesn’t have the correct answer, I’m lost
  12. V

    Paid Time Off Question

    Hey there! Been a TM on and off for a few years while in college, been in role as the Closing TL at my current store for about 4 months now though. However, as a TM I only really worked about 10/15 hours a week. I'm taking a desperately needed vacation in the coming weeks before things really...
  13. N

    Requesting days off?

    Hey quick question, Is there a way to use the Zebra to request off or only the store computer? Computers are being used all day for some reason.
  14. P

    Benefits End of Employment Vacation Time

    Let's say my employment is ending in a week due to a different job moving unexpectedly fast in the hiring process. I've already put in my notice with HR, but I have a decent amount of vacation time saved up and don't have the time to formally request it. Will this time be paid out to me on my...
  15. openmarket

    How is vacation earned?

    Just wondering if anyone could explain how vacation time is earned. I work approximately 15-18 hours a week and haven't earned any vacation in at least two years. I am a five year employee.
  16. B

    MyTime Submitting Day Off Request

    Is there a way to see if your request off has been approved or denied from home instead of having to drive to the store?
  17. Dream Baby

    Auto denial of vacation

    So a time off request can auto denied if HR just sits on it. How long of a time period is that? I just resubmitted a day off request because is was still pending. It was only for one day over SIX WEEKS in the future so WTF.
  18. D

    Vacation Question

    Hi all, I was recently told we could use vacation time that hadn't been accrued yet but wasn't sure the accuracy so I figured I'd reach out on here instead of looking like an idiot asking an OM or HR if it's obviously wrong. Thank you!
  19. T

    I just got COMPLETELY screwed over by HR and my store. Holy crap. I think I'm gonna lose it

    A few weeks ago, I went on the computer at the store to schedule time off from July 18th to July 24th. I will be going on vacation with my family on that date. It's been long planed. I thought everything was gonna be good. However, I checked my schedule this morning and saw that I'm scheduled...
  20. PhillyDilly

    Unlimited Unpaid Time Off

    is there a limit to how much time off you can request for a year? Or is it unlimited unpaid time off as long as it’s not like every weekend or Q4 and it’s not for a new job and shit like that.