1. C

    wic rant

    So annoyed of the checks! Why on earth have they not upgraded yet to a card so that way it is much faster than the checks. I do not get it and not to mention how freekin old the system is for wic that they have not upgraded yet!
  2. C

    WIC Checks

    Hi! I'm a new cashier (my 3rd shift is in 12 hours) and I'm clueless about WIC checks. I know that my store accepts them and that they are used fairly regularly in the area. We covered them briefly in training, but it was fast and I forgot just about all of it. My questions are the following...
  3. very salty mocha

    Guest Services Wic item replacement

    When I first started my old stl said the best way to keep wic guests to shop more often is if they want an item but it is out of stock to replace it with similar items. Example would be if they wanted a wicable cheese but we didnt have the correct size we'd give them smaller sizes equal to the...
  4. eightrats

    Large Bills and WIC!!

    as a cashier the other day I had guy give me a $100 bill and then the dreaded WIC guest.. as stated in earlier posts,, I have my 5 minute booklet training on the register and off I was sent off to the wolves... when the guest gave me the $100, I just put in my drawer and he said "wow I cant...
  5. P

    WIC Checks

    I'm Hardlines, but since I'll have to do backups...I had a question. What's the procedure for handling wic checks? I had a few my first cashier training day, but my trainer was right there with me the whole time, so I've yet to do a transaction when a guest has a wic check by myself yet. I...
  6. W

    Wic guest

    I was cashiering the express lane the other day and this guest had like 50 of wic food check items it was funny how could she not have known this was the express lane a lot of guests in my lane left mad