Active Shooter Training

Nov 14, 2013
Baseball bat and hammer can be taken away, both if you miss and if you would have landed a hit before an expert fighter twisted it away.

Degreaser could be good, since it's ranged, unless you miss the face and just piss the aggressor off. One badly aimed shot may be all the time needed to close the gap and kick your ass.

I've thought of what I could do in such a situation, and then I think of the counter and know that I'd be fucked all kinds of ways. I once had the honor of seeing an aikido black belt test, and the guy had three other people go at him at once with wooden knives, all of them black belt as well. It's crazy how quickly you can have your weapon taken away, even if you have training.

My plan at Target was all the little hiding spots not obvious to an outsider and leap frog to a door.

Drop your zebra, radio, holsters and your red shirt as you run. This is one reason I wear a vest now, drop and go.
Mar 17, 2020
saw the training in workday. when we did the training a few years ago, we had a big hudle because everyone was overdue on the training. Our ETL AP basically said, run and protect for your life. If you want to fight that’s on you.
Jan 24, 2019
Anything can be a weapon. The problem is, what can be an effective weapon in the hands of the untrained? What won't get taken away and used against the person who tried to defend themselves?
I think he meant it more as in, if you realize you cannot get away, it's a good idea to have thought about what you would use as a weapon ahead of time.


Dec 9, 2018
Some of you have been pushed this training recently? I had cart duty yesterday and had no trainings to do. I get so bored on carts that I'll read on my zebra.


Fulfillment Expert/Former TL
Jun 19, 2014
Other than this jokes comments. One problem is emergency exit door will not open until passed 15 seconds after push the doors.
How true is this for all doors. We had a guest run out one today. I’m sure he didn’t just chill for 15 seconds with TMs & guests nearby.