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Oct 8, 2013
I have been with Target for about 4 months, I am already becoming a trainer! What can I expect from that? I know there isn't a pay raise but what things will I be responsible for and what things should I know about? I was hired as a cashier, but I am at I.G.S. (Integrated Guest Service) the majority of my shifts. Which I love! I have been considered for a GSA position as well. I highly doubt I will be a GSA yet though. But I was wondering if I could be trained in for 239, and HR. If you have ANY experience in these areas please let me know! I'm also new to this site. I want to be an ETL someday, so I want to be as universal as possible. I am on the good side of all the ETLs in my store. And the ETLHR has my back 110% on everything as well as ETLGE!


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Jun 10, 2011
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Jun 9, 2011
If you're going to be the team trainer, you need to go through the training manual to see what areas newbies might ask questions about & be ready to anticipate problem spots.
Make sure the training packets are up-to-date & have the training credit/debit/gift cards, copies of the check list, etc.
Know your POS inside & out to be able to demonstrate or give examples of problem-solving.
If you demonstrate proficiency, it will show that you're serious about your roles & could lead to training in other areas.
Take whatever training is offered. It makes you more global (proficient in several areas) & you're more likely to stand out to leadership when they're looking to fill a spot (cash office, GSA, HRTM, etc).
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