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Jun 12, 2011
Has anybody heard some of the AE2013 rumors? I've heard:

ETL-HR/HR-TL will be moving into an overnight or partial overnight role at the highest volume stores.
Some stores will lose an ETL-HR, and there will be an ETL-HR which will cover 2 stores with rotating weekends.
AP-TL will become more like a Sr.TL role.
More responsibilities for GSAs in exchange for less GSTLs.
Me and my fellow gsa were talking about that today. She heard from higher up that we might lose a Gstl and gain a gsa
I haven't looked at AE2013 in depth, the only thing I remember was that there would be no major changes coming. I will see about finding out more information.
I'm hoping there aren't too many changes. I'm still pissed about 2010.

Hopefully they leave GSTLs alone. We only have two and I don't see how one person could effectively handle the work load at my store.
Even though I am not with Target anymore, I would hate to see them cut anymore with AE2013. As I have said here before, as far as corporations are concerned, "the economy" is now no longer actually about "the economy" and more about "Let's use the economy as an excuse to do all the cutting we never would have gotten away with before". IMO there is no valid reason for anymore cuts. If anything, now that things are at least getting somewhat better/stable, it is time to start bringing back some of the positions that were cut before.
My STL would like for PAs and reverse logistics team members to have emails.
I think this would be a great move. I've been thinking receiving/reverse should have email for a while already.
2 GSTLs, 6 GSAs here.
Wow that's a lotta gas's. I take it your store uses gsas only for co (we don't)
2 gstl's, and 3 gsa's, all gsa's have CO shifts.

as a HRTM, I am already working 20-25 hours since Christmas when I was getting 40.

I need another part time job to actually have money coming into the house.

AE2013 - scary
I really don't think they can realistically cut anymore and justify it. There's a point where you put such a large workload on one person making about $10 an hour and it just doesn't become worth it to them a--Ahhhh that makes sense now.
we have two GSTL's and 5 gsas.

My store also has 2 GSTLs and 5 GSAs. Normally we have 3 GSTLs, but we lost a GSTL last fall and gained 2 GSAs (who mostly work in other workcenters), then we hired a new GSTL who is now in Hardlines (so we're back to 2 waiting to hire a new GSTL).
Well its official. We're losing a GSTL and gaining no more GSAs (as of yet). So its down to 4 of us, and we're all going to school fall semester. FUN TIMES!!! :)
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