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Amplified Gifting

Discussion in 'General Target Chat' started by whiner, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. whiner

    whiner Guest

    So, one of our silver/grey "shippers" in the amplified gifting area has already come down as kids were trying to climb on it. Have any other stores had this issue? We have one between inf/toddler and boys on the floor..not the rug. I have visions of a shopping cart or an electric cart slamming into it...what a mess it would be!!
  2. Militantagnostic

    Militantagnostic Just another brick in the wall...

    This is the vision I had when I first saw them set up this area, but it hasn't come to fruition at my store yet...
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  3. 50% together fix it 5 times so far
  4. SrTLall

    SrTLall Team Trainer

    Hmmm, all I have to do is pay some kid to climb on it so we can reclaim our SL breakout area?
  5. Frontlanegirl

    Frontlanegirl Team Trainer

    Ours is already gone between boys and infants. Falling apart the first day.
  6. Yetive

    Yetive Servant of 2 Masters

    Put a box of Harry Potter socks on top and watch grown men and women knock it down.
  7. BigEyedPhish

    BigEyedPhish Sr. Team Leader

    The Stuffed animal shipper lasted about 3-4 days, before collapsing in amazing fashion.

    All the Battleships that I personally built, are holding strong. After some fortifications of course.
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  8. goingto4

    goingto4 New Team Member

    The stuffed animal shipper disappeared and I wish the others would follow suit. They get in the way during video surveillance. :oops:

    Though the APS likes them for cover.
  9. Bosch

    Bosch Executive Team Leader

    We locked them up for on line orders. We had the softlines TL's promise them to guests when they were in our orders before the truck was unloaded. Oh what a mess.. We found them and hid them.
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  10. masterofalltrades

    masterofalltrades Team Trainer

    Our shipment of four was gone before 9 a.m.. I've been harassed by 5 guests for these damn socks today while doing rfid. I really just want the battleships off my floor already
  11. tinkerbell333

    tinkerbell333 Former Team Member-Parolled August 2017

    Does anyone remember the gifting towers (they were cardboard and sat on the top of a quad) in Men's a few years ago? They didn't seem like a good idea when I put them up and turned out even worse once I pulled the product. As usual only half of the product was in and of course it was product that went on one side leaving the other side empty. They would have worked a little better if they were filled evenly, but that never happened the product for the other halves came in eventually but never got put on the towers. They looked like an off balanced disaster in waiting all holiday season long. :rolleyes:
  12. Bosch

    Bosch Executive Team Leader

    We had four guests at 8am wanting them while I was already digging through carts of break out to find them. Softlines promised them to the guests, I found them first so the on line orders got them. We have one left. If I don't see it in an order tomorrow I will drop it on the floor. 30 phone calls before 9am, the operator started counting them so it was over 30 cause she didn't count the first few.

    We should just be doing "No holds" already at this point since people are going nuts for those stupid things. With on line orders we shouldn't be doing holds.
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  13. masterofalltrades

    masterofalltrades Team Trainer

    Or better yet not do onl9ne orders. If they want them that bad they could drag their ads to the store. The company could probably squeeze a few more bucks out of them anyway if their in the sore.
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  14. sprinklesontop

    sprinklesontop Team Member

    So weird that suddenly SOCKS are what people WANT for Christmas ! Usually it's the worst gift you receive. Maybe underwear will make a come-back next year !!!
  15. Yetive

    Yetive Servant of 2 Masters

    Yes, shaped like trees, and the freestanding tree shippers. None of them worked.
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  16. SFSFun

    SFSFun Ship from Store: Don't call it Ship To Store!!

    That's a huge no in my area. The group ops director does not want us cancelling any orders just so guests in store can have a chance. Leaders are supposed to suck it up and deal with the angry guests and let corporate decide when to turn off OPU/SFS for an item.
  17. xzero

    xzero Shit From Store

    Our massive Melissa and Doug one is so badly placed, the three-tiers that SFS uses can't navigate around it. I'm kind of tempted to ram into it a couple times so we can get rid of it.
  18. Bosch

    Bosch Executive Team Leader

    Those stupid socks were on line for picking, so that is why when we told guests to order them they couldn't, cause they were ordered already. That is the foundation I built my argument on for not allowing softlines to promise them. And I tell guests all the time when I have to send the to a sister store, do a SPU/Flex order and if they cancel it you know they didn't actually have it. You don't stress trying to find it there, they do the work.
  19. Hardlinesmaster

    Hardlinesmaster Business Partner

    Stuffed animal one lasted 1 day at my store. We took it down after the weekend.
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  20. wiredharpoon

    wiredharpoon Team Member

    Someone at my store decided to use some metal fencing zip tied in the middle to support it. Surprisingly its worked out really well!
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