How do i change my availability? I am starting school again and my schedule has changed so i need to adjust it for work?
Pleas help i put this off for too long and now it might not go through in time for when school starts up. I dont want to drop 2 or 3 thursday shifts in a row and look unprepared.


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Has to be done in-store. When you're there, click the MAX Self Service link, and then Change Availability.
I'm pretty sure it has to be done on the computer at the store. Log in and click on the max self-service tab, there should be a place to click to change availability.
Ok yeah that link doesnt work for me from home i think i have to go in to do it also. Thanks targetismylife09.

I wish we could do that from home, also view our schedules from home would be nice.
your go into eHR, your will see links in the middle of the page one being "max self service", click on that and it will take you to a page that says request time off, check schedule, change availability, etc. click there and thats it :)
ok i did it today.

but the only time you can do it is during your breaks or going into the store when you are not scheduled so shouldnt that be considered off the clock also?
you can do this on your break, meal or yes when you are at the store on your day off. I have had some TM's come in and write down their schedules on their day's off or change their availability, etc.