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Nov 4, 2014
Can anyone tell me what being Backroom Certified entails? What all do you have to do to get the certification..? I already know how to do nearly everything back there, but I don't wanna get yelled at for doing it.
Technically you take a quiz which teaches you what the location label means and what ghosts/baffles mean.
Know how to use electric equipment, make a bale, pull/backstock properly. And then ya take a quiz that if you're given the backroom tm training guide it's a breeze.
Here's a gun go backstock.
Ask somebody if you have any questions.

So ... you've been doing the job for six months now?
Okay you're certified.
You forgot to sign waivers saying if you kill someone with a wave or lift it's because you're incompetent not because we tried you by showing you once. Actually don't know what they say but i imagine they say that TL/DR.
beat the system by locuing instead of m-deleting because the tls are too damn lazy to find out who's actually backstocking wrong
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