black friday crowd control?

So my srt accidentally let it slip to me that all targets opening at 12 am are going to be doing crowd control by letting 25 people in at 12:00 am, waiting 5 minutes, letting another 25 in, waiting 5 minutes, and so on? Was he messing with me or has anybody else heard this?
Yeah my store's doing that too. Seems like a great way to cause a riot and have injuries if you ask me, cause that 26th person isn't gonna take too kindly to being told they have to wait

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I had to do spots crowd control training and I can confirm that is true. I seem to remember that it will be 25 people at a time but I thought the interval was only supposed to be 30 seconds. I could be wrong though...
We are doing the same as Mr Quickstart,imagine if you waited five mins between each lot the crowd would never get in,hope this new time works out as regards sales,if not the outlook will be very negative.
it's called pulsing, and I believe it's every 30 seconds until a certain time period in which it will be ever 15 seconds and then finally just letting the guests in totally.
I know that certain stores in the Portland area will be strictly enforcing this with police officers because they're so worried about guests and team members getting trampled.

One example being that the East Portland store (aka, mall 205) just remodeled and put their electronics and department upstairs next to toys. The ETL from that store was very concerned about safety about that.


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I'm doing crowd control and pulsing was one of the things we were trained on.
It's only for the first 15 minutes then we let people in like normal.
I'm glad I have some of the biggest and meanest looking back room guys backing me up.


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Yeh, all of us in the front end were versed on it, including the 'pulsing'.
They're bringing up all the big-&-ugly ONTMs to station at the doors (& we got some real bruisers, too).
we're doing 30 guests every 30 seconds just for the first little bit so we don't have a ton of people running through the store. We're also having a cop plus all of our AP team members are working.
I also live in the area of the petition and there's been tons of news coverage about it so we've had people calling telling us they were protesting so we're prepared for that too.
If they do that then they have to enforce limits on doorbusters. The first 25 people get an advantage getting the higher demand items than the #26 person not fair. Just open the door and let the people have at it I say, plus it makes for better black Friday youtube videos the next morning.
I just watched a few youtubes of previous Target black fridays and I'm really glad my shift starts at 8 am haha. I don't think I could have handled the craziness of the store opening.


Just open the door and let the people have at it I say, plus it makes for better black Friday youtube videos the next morning.
Not a good idea. Could you imagine the lawsuits if people got trampled? The way people act these days, pulsing is very much needed.