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Great Team Card to Target's IT team or whoever maintains MAX. Almost no glitches or "traffic jams" yesterday. Everything else about the scheduling process sucked.
we were very pleased - no crashes - a couple of us worked on it at the same time - no issues with slowing - yipee!!
It took me about a whole day to work on the schedule. I had to do the whole front end schedule since the other gstls and the ETL-GE are brand spanking new. I had no issues with the hours , I had about 200 extra hours I couldn't use since I dont have enough people to schedule but besides that the coverage we have already is amazing. It's goin to be a very easy black Friday , I haven't seen our store plan it out this well before.
I lucked out and don't come in till 8 AM but I have a feeling I will be getting called in the middle of the night by a panicking LOD when half of the people scheduled don't show up. (Can you tell our store has attendance issues?):help:
I'm normally sales floor, really only take cashier shifts when I'm in need of hours. I go to look at my schedule today. Black Friday, cashier, crap. Just seeing that made me unhappy. Then I take a look at it again, not only is it cashier, it's from 8a to 6:30p, a whole 10 hours of fun.
11.30 pm till 8 am,sales floor.....all the new hired seasonals will be cashiers,some never ever touched a register before! I don't know what they are thinking! and we are not allowed to swap shifts!
I am quite happy with my shift!
Ours is not posted today. K1 is special!
The Pharmacy schedule went up Wednesday, the store's went up yesterday. I normally work 1-9 or 4-9 on Fridays, but I'm not scheduled...I even "volunteered" to work, as in "if I have a choice between the Pharmacy and the store, I'll work the Pharmacy" ;) I DO work Saturday, though...

I'm one of 2 of us who has NEVER been a cashier, unless you count the 90 minutes of "training", which I don't because I think I had a total of 5 guests the entire time, I did it the DAY we got new scanners/registers, had ALREADY been working in the pharmacy about a week when they scheduled it, and ended up covering up the scanner with a bag and exclusively using the gun because I kept "double scanning" items and was tired of voiding them out! I know, not exactly "brand", but it worked...AND I got "green" on that checkout~LOL!
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