Black Friday Schedule

Great Team Card to Target's IT team or whoever maintains MAX. Almost no glitches or "traffic jams" yesterday. Everything else about the scheduling process sucked.
It took me about a whole day to work on the schedule. I had to do the whole front end schedule since the other gstls and the ETL-GE are brand spanking new. I had no issues with the hours , I had about 200 extra hours I couldn't use since I dont have enough people to schedule but besides that the coverage we have already is amazing. It's goin to be a very easy black Friday , I haven't seen our store plan it out this well before.
I lucked out and don't come in till 8 AM but I have a feeling I will be getting called in the middle of the night by a panicking LOD when half of the people scheduled don't show up. (Can you tell our store has attendance issues?):help: